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Engintel: Does Hydrogen Offer Green Energy Opportunities to Keep IC Engine Alive?

At this time of the year, Iowa has the eye of the entire nation. Presidential candidates, their staff and reporters are popping up around the state in numbers that rival the cornstalks standing proudly along every road. With all this political activity, there is no doubt that "Green Energy" is going to be an accelerating

Growing Your Grassroots Engine Business

Webster’s Dictionary defines "grassroots" in several ways, including two that are particularly appropriate for this month’s article on racing engines. These two definitions are: 1) "Ordinary citizens, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite." 2) "The origin or basis of something." The first definition could easily be interpreted as the local racers compared to

Horsepower – Building In and Bolting On

I consider myself blessed that for the last 35 years I’ve had the opportunity to hang around with some of the nation’s best engine builders and racers, and had the rare opportunity to pick their brains about engine building tips and tricks. Most of these concepts are pretty well known in the engine building community

Timing Chains & Gears

As a rule, most pushrod engines use a timing chain to drive the camshaft, though some older four and six cylinder engines use a gear set. A short chain or gear set works well in this kind of application because the camshaft is located in the block just above the crankshaft. In overhead cam (OHC)

Back to Basics: Reconditioning Connecting Rods

When you’re looking at connecting rods and considering returning them to service, there are many things you must consider. They are one of the most critical pieces of the engine puzzle and under great strain when in operation, so you must pay attention to the details during the rebuilding process. There are many times when

Engine Builders Buyers Guide 2008

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