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Oil Pumps

It’s 6,000 rpm – do you know what your oil pressure is? That’s a question every engine builder should know the answer to if they’re building an engine that’s going to survive. Maintaining adequate oil pressure and volume is absolutely essential for engine durability. The problem is the output of many stock oil pumps, particularly

Kicking Asphalt

In this election year it somehow seems appropriate to talk about a movement that reaches the common citizen…the working man…the small-business person. Political rhetoric aside, it has the potential to gain traction in the industry and showcase what’s great about America – grassroots road racing. There are no multi-million dollar sponsorships (multi-million dollar wallets not

Rat Rods

While the economy stalls – enthusiasts are building “Rat Rods” in record numbers. Right in the middle of the economic slowdown and our government’s bailout of Wall Street, a little West Coast car event called the Primer Nationals was taking place in Ventura, California. Did the hard times affect the turnout or enthusiasm for this