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Powersports Engines Not Just ATVs and Snowmobiles

While consumers often distinguish the powersports market by its individual products, it is all under the same umbrella for manufacturers and dealers of this equipment. Engine builders doing work in this market will find that they can often make more working on less. The engines are small, but depending on the machine, the parts may

Pump Gas Nailhead Build Takes Innovative Engineering Skill

The nailhead has more in common with a pair of four-cylinder engines than a V8. Like a four, the nailhead is a torquey motor, making all its torque at idle and then, as the rpms go up, the torque goes down and the horsepower rises. Engine builder Guy Henson recently did a custom, high-tech build

Vintage Engines, Modern Results

His business card provides the data on “George’s Speed Shop Precision Racing Engines,” but doesn’t provide much of a clue of who George is or what he does. You might be surprised to learn that the George in this case is better known as “Ohio George” Montgomery, a legendary NHRA national driver. But if you

Smooth Moves: Today’s Surfaces Often Demand Different Finishes

When multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets became commonplace a number of years ago, there was a lot of concern that aftermarket surfacing procedures might not be able to reproduce the mirror-like finish that the vehicle manufacturers said was absolutely necessary to seal MLS head gaskets. The challenge was to duplicate the factory finish using out-dated

Competing for Diesel Dollars with OEM?Dealers

About 13 years ago we – like many members of this industry – our business was struggling because our focus was only on machine work – our sales basically imploded and we needed to change. In our internal discussions, we put this dramatic change to two things: First, efficient engine design (including things like electronic