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Remembering Robert Yates

By now, you’re no doubt aware that Robert Yates – one of the original, best and last legendary engine builders in NASCAR history – succumbed to liver cancer on Monday, Oct. 2. The sport and the industry lost a creative mind who influenced and impacted many generations of race fans and participants.

Diesel engine Issues; Ford Power Stroke

Ford Power Stroke diesel engines have a history that dates back to 1994. The first in this series was the 7.3L engine, which was designed by Navistar for Ford. The 7.3L featured direct injection and turbocharging, and was probably the most reliable and durable engine in the series.

Valvetrain Components

One of the areas that greatly benefits from keeping everything in its proper position is the valvetrain, so let’s look at what can be done to help ensure that.

Heavy-Duty Pistons

For heavy-duty applications, the answer for today’s diesel engine is the use of steel pistons. Steel pistons have been used for quite some time but they face a whole new set of challenges.

Fuel Mixtures for Drag Racing Engines

In racing, maintaining the right fuel mixture for the setup can mean the difference between powerful, reliable engine performance and broken parts.

A History Lesson in Pontiac V8 Power

From 1935 until 1954, you could get a Pontiac with a flathead six or a flathead straight eight. The company was a bit slow in following other manufacturers in adopting the overhead-valve V8.

Miller’s Machine Shop; 2016 Diesel Engine Builder of the Year

The owner of Miller’s Machine Shop in Lincoln University, PA, the 2016 Diesel Engine Builder of the Year, has been building winning engines since he was 10 years old.

Engine Add-Ons; Selling the Bling that Might Bring a Little Green

In the muscle car heydays of the ’60s and ’70s, manufacturers knew that a few chrome items under the hood not only helped set their high horsepower performance mills apart from their anemic stock counter parts, but could also add to their performance potential.

Most Versatile Tool and Die Shop in Wisconsin

Metal Crafters, Inc., of Stevens Point, WI, claims to be the “most versatile tool and die shop in Wisconsin.” Joe Thorn’s business does parts design and production, metal and machinery repair of all kinds.

Shop Solutions – October 2017

Some cylinder heads, like small block Mopars, have the intake manifold bolt holes at a slight angle from the manifold flange. This makes it hard to mount on our surfacing machine milling plate because, when you tighten up the mounting studs against the plate, it wants to bend the stud.