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What Does Ethanol Mean To Your Shop?

Although ethanol alcohol is mostly made from corn, it seems to be a real hot potato! Almost all pump gasoline today contains 10 percent ethanol (E10) because the Renewable Fuels Standard Act requires it. The reasons why are partially practical, partially political and partially economic.

Forced Induction Facts

Many articles outline the guidelines and basic knowledge to follow when installing some form of a forced induction system. Sometimes you’ll see the “quick and easy way” to upgrade an existing forced induction system, like a turbo, supercharger and/or nitrous oxide system. What if your customer wanted a bigger turbo for a diesel engine or decided to change the pulley size of the supercharger, or maybe use a bigger shot of nitrous on a street car?

More Power Inside – Muscle Cars

There are many aspects of the famous and desired muscle car engines of the 1960s and ‘70s. They have become the holy grail of factory performance engines, but they are getting more and more scarce as the years go by. For car owners, the engines have evolved in recent years into three different configurations. Read on to learn more.

Winning With Your Own Engines

As a tech official at RT 66 Drag Strip in Joliet, Ill., since 2004, I have had the opportunity to see hundreds of bracket racing engine combinations. As a bracket racer myself early in my drag racing career I’ve been able to build my own. I’ve had unique opportunities to learn how to build winners that can translate into dollars off the track as well.

Wisconsin Winners

NVR is a race-oriented engine shop that builds mostly circle track and drag vehicle engines. With more than 40 years in the industry, Tom Nickerson works with his wife Cindy handling mostly Chevrolet builds, as well as other nameplate engines. NVR was named the 2014 Performance Engine Builder of the Year and we took a look at its operation.