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Crankshaft Polishing: Make Sure The Journals On The Crankshaft Are Properly Polished

Today’s high output, close tolerance enginesare more dependent than ever on quality remanufacturing procedures,durable parts and precise machining. One of the best ways to assurelong bearing life in today’s engines is to make sure the journalson the crankshaft are properly polished. The oil film between the journals on the crankshaftand the loaded portion of the

Rebuilding the Buick 3300

The Buick 3300 was introduced in 1989 as areplacement for the 3.0L that had been around since 1982. It hadthe updated block with on-center bores, just like the revisedversion of the 3800 that came out the year before, along withseveral other changes and improvements. This engine was installed in many of the "A"bodied cars including

Engine Installation Opportunities

Much has been reported recently regarding theneed to grow the engine rebuilding and remanufacturing markets.We’re all aware of the Automotive Repower Council (ARP) whichwas recently formed to increase customer awareness on the alternativesto buying or leasing a new vehicle. And Automotive Rebuildermagazine has provided a number of features and columns dedicatedto ways to expand the

In Pursuit of Quality: Tom Vecchi, Engine Supply, Inc. incoming PERA president

Tom Vecchi, president of Engine Supply, Inc.,Phoenix, AZ, and incoming president of the Production Engine RemanufacturersAssociation (PERA) hasn’t spent his entire business life in theengine rebuilding market. However, since acquiring Engine Supplyin 1988 with his brother-in-law, Len Joy, who is chairman of theboard, he’s learned enough to know that rebuilding engines isnot an easy way

Washington Way: The Activities Of ACC

Americans have a love/hate relationship withtheir motor vehicles. We love the freedom and mobility the automobilegives us. We love the feel of a good car on the open highway andhow it handles on a challenging stretch of road. And we love thestatement that a car makes about who we are and what we want. On