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Rebuilding the Chevrolet LT1 Engine

Although it shared many common dimensions, looked much the same and even had a few common parts, it was totally redesigned to provide more power with lower emissions and better fuel economy.   Compared to the 1991 Chevy 350 L98 with TPI, the LT1 made 20% more horsepower, got better fuel mileage, and had a

The Aqueous Alternative: Cleaning Is The Cornerstone Of Every Rebuilding Operation

Cleaning is the cornerstone of every rebuilding operation, be it a small one or two man shop or a large scale production facility. Dirt, oil, grease, carbon and other contaminants must all be removed from components that are being processed so they can be inspected, machined and restored to like-new condition. Additional cleaning may also

Valve Alloys-What Makes Them So Special?

Those of us who have been in the valve business all of our career tend to forget that everybody else hasn

Message From Incoming PERA President Jim Ormsby

Sometimes we need to exceed even our own expectations. That’s the message from Jim Ormsby, incoming Production Engine Remanufacturers Assoc-iation (PERA) president and current general manager of Franklin Power Products, a production engine remanufacturer (PER) located in Franklin, IN. They’re words that all PERA members should take to heart if they wish to re-energize shrinking