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Building to Race, Racing to Win

Building championship-caliber engines isn’t a new concept to Jeff Williams. Since he started building his first stroker 302 Ford at age 14, the West Texas native/Southern California transplant has been looking for ways to go faster than his competition. These days, that’s often a very challenging assignment. But more on THAT in a minute. “I’ve

Valve Seat Selection and Machining

When rebuilding a cylinder head for a stock automotive application, a performance engine, or a heavy-duty diesel, what kind of replacement seats should you use if the original valve seats need to be replaced? Should you install new seats that are the same as the original seats, or should you use a different type of

Choosing Aftermarket BBC Cylinder Heads for Street/Strip Applications

In 1958, Chevrolet released the first big block for use in its trucks and heavier passenger cars. It was called the “W” engine and it came in three engine displacements until 1965: 348 cid, 409 cid and 427 cid. After Chevy introduced its “mystery engine” to NASCAR in 1962 with a combustion chamber and canted

Rebuilding the CAT 3208 Diesel

Since information from Caterpillar is always held very tight within the family it was very hard to get an accurate history of how the relationship all came about, so if I’m a bit off in my timeline, forgive me. I assure you, it won’t affect the content of this article. The bottom line is, Ford