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Rebuilding the Chevy 3.4L/3.5L Engine

(Download the illustrated pdf here) We’re going to take a look at two of these engines, including both versions of the latest 3.4L that was used in the Chevy Equinox (and Pontiac Torrent) and the original 3.5L that was installed in several ’04-’07 Chevy cars and crossovers. And, we’ll give you an overview of what

2011 Stroker Engine Guide: Unlocking LS Stroker Engine Potential

Modifying the LS for more power is as easy as falling off a log, to apoint, then some tough issues arise, especially if you are building ahigh-rpm race engine. But until you reach that point, the LS respondsnicely to boring and stroking, improved cylinder head flow and theyrespond especially well to power adders. The only

Diesel Engine Oils: Today and Tomorrow

Why are diesel engine oils different than any other engine oils? The Lubrizol Corporation, the world’s largest oil chemistry supplier, just created an excellent website ( that explains diesel engine oil composition very well. Diesel fuel combustion (or incomplete combustion) is accompanied by the production of soot (unburned carbon). Prior to exhaust emissions legislation this

Understanding and Servicing 6.0L/7.3L DIT?Engine Injector Cups

They may have heard the term before but many diesel owners don’t often understand their function. Most make the assumption that it has something to do with the injectors, but they really don’t inquire to know exactly what it means. Some have never heard the term or even know that the injector cups exist. As

Racing Rotating Assemblies: Cranks, Rods and Pistons

Building a performance engine requires assembling the optimum mix of rotating components that are compatible with the block and heads, properly matched with each other, and balanced to precise tolerances. The easiest way to get the right combination of parts is to buy a complete rotating assembly from a supplier who offers such kits.  Most

Build With Bolt-On Horsepower, But Proceed With Caution

Whether the speed equipment is old school hardware or electronic in nature, you can be sure it is designed to turn automobile engines into more efficient air pumps. “Because the engine really is an air pump, I tell my customers one of the biggest things they can do is bolt on a different exhaust system,”

Rebuilding International DT466 Engine

There are not many of anything that you can call a Legend but the Navistar/International DT466 diesel engine has to fall into that category. If the 466 is not enduring I don’t know what is. The fact that you can bolt almost any part from a 466 built ’78-’93 or ’94-2004 on to one another