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Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Champions to Earn Trip to NASCAR Acceleration Weekend

Six Divisional winners and four wildcard teams will compete at the "Showdown at SEMA", sponsored by Edelbrock, and held Nov. 1 – 4 in the grand lobby of the SEMA Show. The top-10 high school auto tech teams who advanced via regional competitions across the country will compete head-to-head for the best average time as

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow to Exhibit at 2011 PRI SHOW

Between August and June annually, high school students practice and prepare for the big game or the next challenge in their academic careers. High school auto-tech teams now have that same opportunity when they compete in the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge. In conjunction with the PRI Show, the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow will

Smooth Moves: Today’s Surfaces Often Demand Different Finishes

When multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets became commonplace a number of years ago, there was a lot of concern that aftermarket surfacing procedures might not be able to reproduce the mirror-like finish that the vehicle manufacturers said was absolutely necessary to seal MLS head gaskets. The challenge was to duplicate the factory finish using out-dated

Inside Flat Tappet Camshaft and?Lifter Technology

Roller cams have a couple of advantages over traditional flat tappet camshafts: they reduce friction, and they can be ground with more aggressive cam lobe profiles to make more power. You can also swap roller cams without having to replace the lifters. But the roller cam’s main disadvantage compared to flat tappet cams is its

Cleaning Cylinder Heads and Blocks

The cleaning process should remove all of the dirt, grease, oil, rust, scale and carbon deposits that have accumulated over the years. With painted castings, the old paint also has to be stripped away so the surface can be repainted. Even if you’re working with brand new castings, a final cleaning is still necessary after

UTI Students and Instructors Featured in High-Octane MTV2 Reality Show

Ushering in a new class of reality show, Burnout is a nine-part MTV2 reality series that follows two teams of students and instructors from Universal Technical Institute (UTI) as they battle against each other in a test of skill, persistence and dedication to see who can build the fastest drag car with just 100 hours

Three Reasons to Wear a Coat

What’s not usually as well known is the incredible versatility that coatings have in dealing with a huge range of problems. The number of uses for various coatings in performance applications is mind-boggling and nearly limitless, but in order to keep the possibilities cost effective and manageable it’s useful to think about it in terms

Dyno Decisions Depend on Business Model

If you need a dyno only  three or four times a year, you’re probably better off renting dyno time from another facility. If you build race engines for a living, an engine dyno is an essential part of how you do your job and ultimately the value you provide to your customer. So what are

Balancing And The Bottom Line

Balancing, once considered to be important in this industry only to performance engine builders, has lately become a sought-after service in some segments you may never have considered. Yet good-old-fashioned engine balancing remains an important profit center in many machine shop operations. If the engine components (pistons, rods and crankshaft) aren’t in balance you’ll experience

Understanding Today

Metallurgy is one of the oldest sciences in the world – it’s a history that can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization. It’s hard to believe that in the thousands of years since the discovery of gold and silver there have only been 84 new metals discovered. In fact, when the automobile was

Performance Seminar To Put Power In Your Hands

This seminar, sponsored by the University of Northwestern Ohio and supported by Engine Builder magazine will teach you to find additional output from high performance and competition engines by dealing with the concepts involved in a way unique to David Vizard. In a word, says the presenter, it’s about combinations. So what qualifies David Vizard

Ohio Technical College Announces The Edelbrock Academy

Ohio Technical College (OTC), a leading automotive training school, recently announced a new partnership with Edelbrock, LLC to create the Edelbrock Academy, a program designed to give students a solid foundation in the building and tuning of American muscle cars and performance vehicles.   The Edelbrock Academy at Ohio Technical College will provide students with

Bedplates Have Presence In Today

One of the technologies that has been implemented for many of theengines today is the configuration of the block. Many of today’sengines are using “bedplates” (see Figure 1).The block is split at the main bearings or the crankshaft centerline sothere are two distinct pieces to the block; an upper part that housesthe cylinders and the

Timing Chains, Sprockets and Gears

Look back at the events in your life an examine how timing has played a part in the outcome. When you showed up at party and met the girl who would eventually become your wife? When you stayed late at work and missed the 18-car pile up on the interstate? Even without realizing it, your

Dynos and Test Stands: Profit Center or Business Black Hole?

Dynamometers allow an engine builder to test, tune and tweak his engines before giving customers the opportunity to do something foolish with them. In a recent poll on Engine Builder’s website, we asked our readers how important a dyno is to their business. According to our (admittedly unscientific) results, 44 percent of Engine Builder readers

2010 PRI Trade Show Offers Variety of Business Profit Opportunities

“It has the latest racing components from 1,100 racing industry suppliers on display in 3,200 booths in Orlando,” said PRI producer Steve Lewis. “In short, the PRI Trade Show is massive. All of the great brand names in race engine components are there, plus over 100 manufacturers of precision machining equipment with their shop machinery

Team MSD Takes Division 4 of

Team MSD of Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Ctr., Choctaw, OK, took first place with a time of 60 minutes and 15 seconds.   The 8 teams were made up of invited auto technology classes from local high schools. Each team consists of five students and the instructor/coach. The individual schools set standards and guidelines for

Opinions And Outlook From An Industry Veteran

The following interview with Comp Cam’s Paul "Scooter" Brothers recently appeared on We have posted an excerpt of the story below. To view the original posting, please visit With Scooter Brothers’ outstanding automotive aftermarket credentials, we thought it would be fascinating to get his take on some current topics. So wespoke with Brothers

Team Edelbrock Wins Division 7

With a blistering time of 36 minutes and 18 seconds, Team Edelbrock  – North Orange County ROP  from Anaheim CA took first place at the Division 7” Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge” Championship Hosted by Edelbrock’s 5th annual ”Rev’ved up 4 Kidz” charity car show Sunday April 25th, 2010 at Vic’s Garage –  Edelbrock’s

Fremd High School’s Team PRW Wins Division 3

Fremd High School from Palatine, IL.  sponsored by Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) took first place with the fastest time of 44 minutes and 15 seconds and will be representing Division 3 at the National Championship dubbed “Showdown at SEMA” at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. There, they will be competing against