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Coretalk: Key Industry Speakers Slated For PERA’s Chicago Convention

Yastrow and Som will discuss “Current Issues in Employment-Related U.S. Immigration Law: I-9 Compliance, Visa Updates.” In addition to addressing hot topics and compliance tips, they will provide answers to your specific questions.Bob McKenna, President/CEO of Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) and Past President of NAPA, will be speaking on “Motor Vehicle Parts Suppliers

The Shermanator 347: A 530HP Gas Stroker You Can Build

A while ago Engine Builder ran a story on the popularity and basic dos and don’ts of stroker engines ( March 2007 Engine Builder). It received such great response that we are following up with a “real world” stroker engine buildup. In this case, it is an engine combination that is so popular that it

The Ups And Downs Of Valves

It’s always good to take a fresh look at some of the many engine components we work with. Rather than being lulled into complacency, the idea is to see what’s new, what trends are in play and to get a current reading from others on the inside. In other words, it’s good to keep it

Rocker Arm- Form & Function

For all the changes in the performance engine over the years, one constant remains – no matter what series they’re running, no matter what the payout, no matter if it’s just a couple of guys trying to outdo each other stoplight to stoplight, racers will often spend money they don’t have in search of the

Drag Racing Crankshafts

With photos and words by Steve TempleAs any experienced engine builder already knows, a drag race engine is made up of hundreds of precision parts bolted together to form an assembly that spins at a furious rate in order to propel its vehicle to victory. Meeting this challenge requires that all those parts going into

Coretalk: Clevite Aftermarket Sale To Mahle Group Approved by Court

Nearly a year and a half after Dana Corporation announced plans to divest its engine parts operations, the deal is complete. The $98 million sale to the MAHLE Group of Germany has been approved by European Union (EU) regulators. EU commission officials said the purchase didn’t pose antitrust concerns, and Dana has said the sale

Pumped Up For Peformance Oiling Systems

Most OE engines use a wet sump system, which can be modified for performance applications to improve oil control and increase horsepower. A dry sump system, on the other hand, has been specifically designed for performance applications and is mainly used at the higher levels of racing where oil control is critical for producing maximum

Coretalk: House Approves Bill To Increase Ethanol Fueling Pumps At Gas Stations

At this time, only 800 gas stations have E-85 pumps installed, less than one percent of all gas stations. Automakers incur about $20 million in CAFE fines annually. Supporters hope this money could double the number of pumps available to dispense ethanol or other alternative fuel. The bill would provide grants of between $30,000 and

Coretalk: National Crankshaft Co. Becomes Newest EPWI Branch Warehouse

NCC joins other EPWI warehouses located in Denver, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Dallas, Oakland, Oklahoma City, Houston, San Antonio, Portland (OR), Tacoma and Anchorage. “EPWI is making enhancements to the programs and product lines currently offered, as well as adding many new product lines” according to Paul Van Woensel, president of EPWI. “NCC’s customer support programs are

Coretalk: L&B Industries Relocates Manufacturing Operations To Egge Machine Company

“Incorporating L&B’s operations into our business richly enhances our ability to provide quality products and services for our customers,” said Egge’s president, Robert Egge. “L&B and Egge Machine – What a nostalgic combination!” explained Egge’s CEO, Ernie Silvers, “We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to continue the tradition of quality pump rebuilding that

Pistons and Pins: What’s New

Asking piston manufacturers “what’s new” reveals a number of trends that are reshaping the piston business today. One is that there’s no longer a time lag of three or four years for aftermarket piston suppliers to tool up for the latest piston applications. Production engine remanufacturers (PERs) and custom engine rebuilders (CERs) are asking for

AETC Wrap-Up: AETC A Hit In New Venue

It’s always great to get away from the blustery cold weather during the winter months, and even better if you can learn something new while you work on your tan. After 15 years in the same Colorado Springs, CO, location, the Advanced Engine Technology Conference (AETC) decided on a move to a much warmer climate

Coretalk: Consolidated Mfg. Cuts Staff, Shifts Focus Away From Remanufacturing

During a plantwide meeting in late February, company officials told 100 workers their jobs were eliminated. The company retained 20 employees for 30 to 60 days to handle the transition, said Greg Gordon, company president. Consolidated will retain 18 employees. The company, founded in 1940 and one of the nation’s first Ford Motor Co. engine

Increasing Stock Performance

Let’s face it: stock engines just don’t wear out – at least not until upwards of 150,000 miles for the average late model engine. Sure, neglect continues to take its toll, but on the whole, while there is still some stock rebuilding work to be had, it’s not what it used to be. Have you

Bringing Monsters To Life

The New York City native’s journey started out as a line mechanic in NY before tackling marriage and working in Florida. It only took him a year in the sun before he returned to New York to work at the soon-to-be famous Motion Performance. His job description there was builder, tuner and driver of the

Coretalk: Cummins, Scania Joint Venture To Produce Next-Generation Fuel Systems

Cummins-Scania XPI Manufacturing LLP is a 50/50 joint venture, which builds on Cummins-Scania partnerships in fuel systems development and manufacturing that date to January 1992. The two companies currently produce the HPI fuel system, which eventually will be replaced by the XPI (Xtra-High Pressure Injection) system. The XPI common rail fuel system is expected to

Coretalk: Pentagon 9/11 Survivor To Keynote PERA Convention

After American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, very close to his second floor office, LTC Birdwell was thrown to the ground and engulfed in flames. Of the burns that consumed 60 percent of his body, nearly half were third-degree burns. With more than 30 operations and months of multiple skin grafts and burn

Coretalk: Sunnen, RMC Form Strategic Alliance To Market Equipment

This Sunnen/RMC alliance is effective immediately. RMC products will be sold under the Sunnen/RMC brand. Sunnen’s team of field engineers and service specialists will now represent and support the RMC line. “The new Sunnen/RMC branded products complement Sunnen’s existing product line,” said Mike Haughey, Sunnen’s chief operating officer. Ray Meyer, president of RMC, agreed: “The

Coretalk: Recon Automotive Founder Armand J. Mancini Dies

He leaves behind his wife of 42 years, Carole, and three sons and a daughter – Armand, Vincent, Daniel and Carrie Mancini Young. He is also survived by three brothers, a sister and six grandchildren. Mancini was an icon of the automotive remanufacturing industry, having founded Recon in 1973 and building it into one of

Coretalk: NAPA Awards Crank Biz To Hi-Tech’s New Venture

The Hi-Tech Blueprint series crankshaft is restored to the original factory blueprint specifications. Blueprint Series crankshafts are delivered directly to NAPA stores in the U.S. on an overnight basis, including a program for Alaska and Hawaii. The company offers application coverage for more than 1,000 part numbers for auto, truck and marine. “NAPA chose this