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Ohio Technical College Announces The Edelbrock Academy

Ohio Technical College (OTC), a leading automotive training school, recently announced a new partnership with Edelbrock, LLC to create the Edelbrock Academy, a program designed to give students a solid foundation in the building and tuning of American muscle cars and performance vehicles.   The Edelbrock Academy at Ohio Technical College will provide students with

Bedplates Have Presence In Today

One of the technologies that has been implemented for many of theengines today is the configuration of the block. Many of today’sengines are using “bedplates” (see Figure 1).The block is split at the main bearings or the crankshaft centerline sothere are two distinct pieces to the block; an upper part that housesthe cylinders and the

Timing Chains, Sprockets and Gears

Look back at the events in your life an examine how timing has played a part in the outcome. When you showed up at party and met the girl who would eventually become your wife? When you stayed late at work and missed the 18-car pile up on the interstate? Even without realizing it, your

Dynos and Test Stands: Profit Center or Business Black Hole?

Dynamometers allow an engine builder to test, tune and tweak his engines before giving customers the opportunity to do something foolish with them. In a recent poll on Engine Builder’s website, we asked our readers how important a dyno is to their business. According to our (admittedly unscientific) results, 44 percent of Engine Builder readers

2010 PRI Trade Show Offers Variety of Business Profit Opportunities

“It has the latest racing components from 1,100 racing industry suppliers on display in 3,200 booths in Orlando,” said PRI producer Steve Lewis. “In short, the PRI Trade Show is massive. All of the great brand names in race engine components are there, plus over 100 manufacturers of precision machining equipment with their shop machinery

Team MSD Takes Division 4 of

Team MSD of Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Ctr., Choctaw, OK, took first place with a time of 60 minutes and 15 seconds.   The 8 teams were made up of invited auto technology classes from local high schools. Each team consists of five students and the instructor/coach. The individual schools set standards and guidelines for

Opinions And Outlook From An Industry Veteran

The following interview with Comp Cam’s Paul "Scooter" Brothers recently appeared on We have posted an excerpt of the story below. To view the original posting, please visit With Scooter Brothers’ outstanding automotive aftermarket credentials, we thought it would be fascinating to get his take on some current topics. So wespoke with Brothers

Team Edelbrock Wins Division 7

With a blistering time of 36 minutes and 18 seconds, Team Edelbrock  – North Orange County ROP  from Anaheim CA took first place at the Division 7” Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge” Championship Hosted by Edelbrock’s 5th annual ”Rev’ved up 4 Kidz” charity car show Sunday April 25th, 2010 at Vic’s Garage –  Edelbrock’s

Fremd High School’s Team PRW Wins Division 3

Fremd High School from Palatine, IL.  sponsored by Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) took first place with the fastest time of 44 minutes and 15 seconds and will be representing Division 3 at the National Championship dubbed “Showdown at SEMA” at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. There, they will be competing against

What’s New with Oil Pumps, Pickups and Pans

The two greatest concerns from a lubrication standpoint are dry starts and loss of oil pressure while the engine is running. Dry starts are more of a worry in engines that have front-mounted oil pumps with relatively long pickup tubes, which includes such popular engines as the GM 3800 V6, Chrysler 3.5L V6, etc. as

Boosting Performance – Nitrous, Superchargers and Turbochargers

From the budget six-cylinders that get 300 hp and 28 mpg for less than $25,000 to the 600 hp Viper V10 to the 630 hp Corvette ZR1 for just over $100,000, the performance market is deep and wide. “It’s amazing, the horsepower potential that these cars are coming with off the factory floor,” says Frank

‘Big Daddy’ Don Garlits to Return to NHRA Drag Racing

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits is making a comeback to NHRA competition forthe first time since 2003, driving his Dodge Challenger Drag Pak byMopar into the heat of NHRA Stock eliminations at the Mac Tools U.S.Nationals on Labor Day weekend. His historic first run in the Drag Pakwill be on Wednesday, Sept. 2, in A/Stock Automatic

Paul ‘Scooter’ Brothers Elected SEMA Chairman-Elect

Paul ‘Scooter’ Brothers of COMP Performance Group will serve as chairman-elect of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) beginning Aug. 1. Members of the 46-year old association voted Brothers to fill the position that was held for the past two years by Rick Rollins of Rollins Performance Marketing/Consulting. Rollins begins his role as of chairman on

G-Oil Named Official Motor Oil of the American Le Mans Series and IMSA

GreenEarth Technologies has signed a two-year contract that will name itsUltimate Biodegradable "green" motor oil, G-OIL, the official motor oilof The American Le Mans Series and the International Motor SportsAssociation (IMSA). Under the agreement, G-OIL will be used in the Series’ official safetytrucks, which will also feature the G-OIL logo. The logo will alsoappear prominently

Stroker Tips – Getting It All to Fit

Almost since the first production engine rolled off the line, people have known that when it comes to power, it’s cubic inches or cubic dollars. In some cases both. There’s only two ways to get more cubes – bigger bore and longer stroke – so engine builders use both to get the performance they want

Stroker Tips – Getting It All to Fit

Almost since the first production engine rolled off the line, peoplehave known that when it comes to power, it’s cubic inches or cubicdollars. In some cases both. There’s only two ways to get more cubes –bigger bore and longer stroke – so engine builders use both to get theperformance they want from the available components.

Piston Options and Opportunities

The sport compact market, it was thought, was going to breathe new life into the performance engine market, and  for many years, the rapid growth of the market seemed to indicate that there was no limit to how big those little engines could get. Then something happened: to quote Engine Builder columnist and performance expert

Inaugural Motorsports Industry Trade Show to Debut in Indianapolis in December 2009

Theperformance and racing industry will converge upon Indianapolis inDecember 2009 for the first ever International Motorsports IndustryShow (IMIS). Scheduled to be held Dec. 2-3, 2009 at the IndianapolisConvention Center, the show is owned and promoted by Performance EventsPromotions (PEP) and assisted in presentation by the IndianaMotorsports Association. According to show organizers, IMIS will bringtogether the

EngINtel: In Lightweight Land Rockets Or Huge Ships, Bedplates Have Presence In Today

Today’s engines are smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient and have the highest output per displacement than at any other time in the history of the automotive industry. With these advantages have come designs that must be able to withstand loads and pressures that go way beyond the large displacement OHV, oil leaking, fuel guzzling street

Fueling the Future – Can You Fill Up with Alternative Fuels?

Currently gas prices have stabilized at around $1.83 a gallon, a price at which most Americans feel comfortable driving their SUVs, trucks, race cars, tow vehicles and other motorized toys. But when gas hits $4 and $5 a gallon, driving guzzlers becomes a challenge for many. It was only a few months ago that a