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Cleaning Injectors on

Affects all 1990-2006 Toyota and Scion models equipped with Port Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). 1. If the fuel injector nozzles are visibly blocked or if the injectors do NOT pass the fuel injector volume test, complete the fuel injector power flush using the following instructions: A. Before an injector cleaning is performed, it is recommended

Cleaning: Different Methods for Different Needs

Back in the late 1800s, the director of the U.S. Patent Office was said to remark “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell, U.S. Patent Commissioner in 1899 reportedly told the President of the United States that there was no more innovation and, therefore, no more need for the patent office. Except

Putting the Pressure On High Power Cleaning Systems

Despite these automated times in which we live today, many shops still use manual cleaning systems to hand-clean each engine component piece by piece. This may seem slow and tedious to some, but for others it’s necessary quality control in order to remove all of the hidden particles that can cause damage to an engine

Cleaning Rules

One of the least pleasant parts of any engine builder’s day is the cleaning process. Removing the oil, carbon and general gunk from blocks, cylinder heads and assorted parts before your inspection, machining and rebuilding process can even begin may seem as painful as a trip to the dentist’s chair. But if you think that

Manufacturer Tech Tip: Carburetor Cleaning Tips From Edelbrock

NEVER clean your EnduraShine or PermaStar parts with solvents or carburetor cleaners of any kind. Use of these cleaners will dull the luster and will remove the coating. Never use solvents or carburetor cleaners when rebuilding your EnduraShine carburetor. Do not use paper towels to wipe or clean your EnduraShine or PermaStar parts. Although Edelbrock

Cylinder Head Cleaning

Being an engine builder is like being a chef. As a master of culinary arts you may prepare the most exquisite meals anyone has ever tasted, but a great dining experience can be easily ruined if the vegetables are not thoroughly cleaned. For more and more engine builders, aqueous cleaning systems are the new standard

Machine Maintenance: Time For Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here at last. Birds are chirping, the snow is melting and the grass is finally starting to show. It’s time to hang up the snow shovels and get the lawnmower tuned up. And if you’re like me, you can hardly wait to get your summer toys out of storage and ready to roll.

Cleaning Engine Parts – In The Real World

Regardless of what kind of engine work you do, cleaning the parts is almost always the first step in any job. Parts need to be cleaned before they are machined for a variety of reasons: it helps keep your shop equipment cleaner (which means less mess and cleanup later), it uncovers the bare metal surface

Aluminum Cleaning & Machining

Steel may still be the big dog when it comes to the content of the world’s motor vehicles, but aluminum usage in cars and trucks continues to increase. Fueled by the desire to save weight, time and energy, aluminum is gaining ground with manufacturers of parts and components. How does the use of aluminum in

Advances in Cleaning Equipment

You could argue that the dishwasher is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Up until its introduction in households, people had to wash each dish individually, by hand, and dishpan hands were common among women and children. But the dishwasher changed all of that for families, and on its arrival, children everywhere

Aqueous Cleaning Systems Offer Economical, Ecological Benefits

As concern for the environment and worker safety has increased over the years, attention paid to the cleaning processes used in engine rebuilding facilities has sharpened as well. No matter what size the shop, engine components are dirty and need to be cleaned. There are numerous ways to clean parts, of course, and no method

Machine Maintenance: When Spring Is In The Air, Cleaning Is In The Shop

It’s that time of year again. The racing season is underway. Spring is here and hopefully your shop is getting busier. Before it gets too hectic, it’s time to do some spring cleaning in your shop. The first stop is the first place your customers will see – the front counter. Get rid of any

Blast Cleaning Technology

The future, they promised us, would be full of amazing things. We would be commuting in flying cars, we would be using robots to do most of our manual chores and space travel would be fairly routine. First, the future was 1984 – then it was 2001. Now, in 2005 we do have highly exotic

Cleaning Aluminum Engine Components

Engine rebuilding may be your career, but component cleaning may be one of your biggest jobs. Ever since the earliest days when engine builders had only a hot tank and a solvent sink to clean their parts they have been looking for better methods to get parts clean. Back then, most parts were cast iron

Engine Cleaning Options In a Water World

Aqueous cleaning equipment has gained a solid foothold in today

What Cleaning Equipment Do You Prefer?

When it comes to cleaning engines, there seems to be as many processes and machines to get parts clean as there are hair loss treatments. However, finding what works is what really matters to most engine builders. Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began regulating the handling of hazardous waste in ernest, it has added

Aluminum Cleaning: A Small Shop’s Perspective

By David and Jerry McLain Contributing Editors [email protected] Engine Builder magazine asked a specialist in rebuilding aluminum cylinder heads to detail his approach to cleaning. Many rebuilders today still struggle with cleaning aluminum properly, i.e., cleaned effectively with no damage to the head. Chemical, aqueous and heat cleaning are all methods used by engine builders

The Science Of Aqueous Cleaning

The notion that aqueous cleaning consists only of a steel drum and hose is obviously a thing of the past. Aqueous cleaning entered the realm of advanced technology years ago and has been improving by leaps and bounds annually. These technological advances have prompted many rebuilders to re-evaluate their cleaning processes and perhaps take a