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AAM Group Hires David Garmenn to Lead Engine Pro Group

The Johnson City, TN-based distribution group has selected David Garmenn to serve as president of Engine Pro Group and vice president of Engine Pro.

AAM Group Names Two Additions to Engine Pro Team

The AAM Group–the automotive aftermarket program distribution group and specialty marketing firm based in Piney Flats, Tennessee–has announced the hiring of Alan Stevenson and the promotion of Steven Perrotta to expand the program’s product management and marketing capabilities. As product manager for AAM Group’s Engine Pro, Stevenson will work to stabilize margins, work with existing and

AAM Group Hires Jeff Kesar as Engine Pro Marketing Specialist

After assuming operational oversight of Engine Pro, The AAM Group—the automotive aftermarket program distribution group and specialty marketing firm based in Piney Flats, Tennessee—has announced Jeff Kesar will help lead marketing and strategic planning for Engine Pro. In his role as AAM Group Marketing Specialist, Kesar will work to bring Engine Pro into the existing portfolio of

1-on-1 with Engine Parts Group/Engine Pro President Jesse Jones

Many of you might be familiar with Jesse Jones. He’s been part of the engine parts industry and the automotive aftermarket for nearly four decades in various roles with iconic companies such as Fel-Pro, Clevite, Cometic, and now as president of Engine Parts Group (EPG) and Engine Pro. In this episode of Industry Insiders, we

NHRA Announces A/Fuel Engine Program for Top Alcohol Funny Car

National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) officials have announced the addition of an A/Fuel engine program for the Top Alcohol Funny Car class beginning in the 2023 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. With the addition of the A/Fuel (injected nitromethane) engine program into the class, NHRA aims to increase participation and give drivers and race

Banks Hires Rocket Propulsion and Nuclear Power Expert to Lead Engine Program

Regarded as a true gearhead, Matthew Gamble fills the position of manager of design, assembly & test for Banks’ “High Output” DMAX-based engine programs. Gamble will oversee the design, development and launch of high-performance turn-key variants of the popular and military-proven Banks D866T engine. Engineered and developed in-house at the company’s Azusa, CA campus, these high-output

Motor Oil Additives Play a Crucial Role in Engine Protection

Additives play a crucial role in protecting engines from oxidation, corrosion, deposits, and many more damaging effects on an engine.

Edelbrock Creates and Hires New Crate Engine Product Manager

Edelbrock has appointed William Philippin as its new Product Manager for Crate Engines. In his new position Philippin is responsible for all of Edelbrock’s crate engines, including the Edelbrock-Musi 555 crate engine.  Philippin’s duties include product planning and execution throughout the crate engine lifecycle, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the crate engine product vision and

Jesse Jones Named Engine Pro President

Engine Parts Group Inc. (EPGI/Engine Pro) has appointed Jesse Jones as president of the engine parts distribution group. Jones has vast experience with both automotive aftermarket and OE suppliers, including senior management positions at MAHLE Clevite, Dana Inc. and Cometic Gaskets. Engine Pro is the largest engine parts distribution network in the U.S. and Australia,

Engine Pro LS Performance Parts Catalog

Engine Pro has published its first LS Performance Parts catalog featuring hundreds of applications specifically designed for the popular engine platform. The catalog includes comprehensive valve train listings such as engine valves, valve stem seals, valve locks, springs, spring locators and retainers.

Engine Pro Names New Product Development Manager

Andrew Cardwell has been appointed to assist with researching and identifying new product opportunities, expanding current parts lines and overseeing new products.

Engine Pro January Shop Solutions

CAM BEARING ISSUES LIKELY TIED TO BURRS We’ve found that almost all issues related to camshafts being too tight in the bearings are caused by burrs in the cam tunnel, which were caused by the original bearing installation at the factory. This is especially true with split cam bearings found in an LS or late

Engine Pro December Shop Solutions

PASS THE ROAST SLEEVES We do quite a few re-bore and power hone jobs on small, single-cylinder engines in our shop. Usually, going to the next available oversize is all that is needed. However, when cylinders are badly damaged or have already been re-bored to the limit, we install an aftermarket sleeve to save the

Engine Pro November Shop Solutions

RTV REMOVAL TOOL If you have ever had to clean RTV off of a gasketless oil pan, timing cover or other parts, you know how hard and time consuming this task can be. We have found that running a round ball end Allen wrench, where the ball fits the groove in those parts, does the

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – October 2018

PAPER CLAMP PIN CLIP Some piston pin clips can be a bear to install. If not supported right, the first one will push in too far or can be hard to seat. My solution uses office supplies to solve a shop problem. I lube and install the piston pin and then use the arm or

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – September 2018

DON’T SKIP THE DETAILS Sometimes it is just the little details that add up – and cleaning is key! Taking the time to use a little ATF to wipe your new piston rings down before assembly can help keep dirt and debris out of your new engine. Multiply this by the number of parts that

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – August 2018

LIFTER BORE CHAMFERING TOOL I purchased a 1˝ chamfering cone and welded a 6˝ extension to it. This is for chamfering the top and bottom of lifter bores in blocks. This saves time and leaves a better finish than doing them with a stone and grinder. Kevin Elam Liberty Machine Liberty, MO A QUICK TIP

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – July 2018

VALVE GRINDING TIP If you use a Sioux valve grinder or any valve grinder that centers on the chamfer of the end of the stem of the valve, it is very important that the chamfer is concentric with the valve. I have found the stem chamfer on some new valves are not concentric as I

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – June 2018

MAGNETIC CLEANER I attach a large speaker magnet in my valve grinder oil tank. This draws any metal particulate matter to this area and keeps the oil clean. Gary Sloat Auto Supply of Stuart Stuart, FL REAR END SETUP MADE EASIER After I read the article about the 12-bolt rear ends in an earlier issue of

Engine Pro Shop Solutions – May 2018

PISTON CLAMP Eliminating the movement of parts when installing or removing Spirolox-type retaining rings in piston and rod assemblies will make the job easier and save time and cursing. Instead of clamping a connecting rod in a vise and then trying to steady the piston, we make a simple device to stabilize the entire piston