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Greg’s Hard Shell Engine Protector

The first rule of engine longevity is cleanliness. Open engines are vulnerable to damage from dust, dirt, debris, and hard objects. Get a Hard Shell that can be used on engine after engine and can be used in multiple configurations. Protect your valuable investments with Greg’s Hard Shell Engine Protector. Greg’s Hard Shell fits all first generation

MAHLE Aftermarket and Engine Pro will Sponsor Must See Racing

Clevite engine bearings, a product of MAHLE Aftermarket, will join Engine Pro as a marketing and performance partner with Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint Series (MSRXSS ) for 2014. The winged sprint series starts its fifth year of racing April 11, 2014 on some of the best circle tracks in the nation including Anderson Speedway,

Engine Pro Honors Top Suppliers

Engine Parts Group, Inc. (Engine Pro) honored six top suppliers at its recent winter shareholders meeting. Companies recognized as Featured Suppliers were B & P Rods, Durabond Bearing Co., Ferrea Racing Components, Hastings Manufacturing Co., Melling Engine Parts and SA Gear Co. Shareholders select the Featured Suppliers from more than 90 companies providing engine parts

SEMA Scholarship Committee Details 2013/2014 SEMA Engine Project

The SEMA Scholarship Committee has announced that its 2013/2014 SEMA Engine project will feature a 700+ horsepower package based on a Dart LS Next cast iron block. The engine will be offered on eBay beginning December 12, 2013 and the proceeds will benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, which aids young men and women seeking

Michigan Racer Wins $20,000 Engine Pro Racing Engine

The engine, valued at $20,000, was assembled by Performance Engineering with parts and services supplied by Pro-Filer, Melling Performance, Hastings Racing, Oliver, Ferrea, Comp Cams, JE Pistons, Clevite, Fel-Pro, Milodon, R & R Wireloom and Pro Finishing. A Grass Lake, MI racer was the last man standing in a drawing for a new racing engine

Beseth, Corey Win $1,000 in Engine Pro’s ‘Top 5 of the Past 5’ Contest

Engine Builder and Engine Pro recently teamed up to offer the "Top 5 of the Past 5" awards to commemorate the last 5 years of Shop Solutions. We awarded both the Shop Solution authors and our readers who helped us choose the winners with cash prizes. Jeff "Beezer" Beseth of Beezer Built Inc., Newton Square,

The Best of Engine Builder Shop Solutions Presented by Engine Pro

We’ve narrowed the field to the top 20 Shop Solutions, and now we need your help selecting the Top 5. All you need to do is read the submissions listed below, pick you favorite and click through to vote, it’s that simple! The best part? By voting, you get a chance to win one of

Rick Morley of Michigan Wins $20,000 Race Engine from Engine Pro

Rick Morley of Allendale, MI had plenty of luck on his side when he won the $20,000 race engine at the Fifth Annual Engine Pro/Dart/Performance Engineering Engine Giveaway. Jim Sebright of Holland, MI was the runner-up. Sebright won an intake manifold courtesy of Profiler Performance. Kalamazoo driver Christine VanderSloot walked away with a six-switch panel

Roster of Participating Manufacturers Set for SEMA Scholarship Engine Project

Nearly twenty SEMA-member companies have come together in support of a unique project that will benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. Their products are being used to build a big-inch small block Ford engine that will be auctioned off on eBay in conjunction with this year’s SEMA Show. The engine – which is being constructed

Michigan Man Wins $20,000 Engine Pro Race Engine Giveaway

Rick Baad of Mattawan, Mich. beat out 19 others for the engine that was supplied by Engine Pro, Dart Machinery, Performance Engineering and others. Performance Engineering built the motor and already has an appointment set up with Baad to get his new engine on the dyno and placed into his 2008 dragster.     Brooke

Engine Pro, Dart and FAST Share Top Tech News with Michigan Engine Builders

Founder and president of Dart Corporation, Richard Maskin, was among the presenters at the March 27 seminar held at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, MI.     Maskin told the 100 attendees that one key component in achieving maximum engine power is to focus on cylinder wall finish to maximize ring sealing capabilities.

Engine Builder Magazine to Co-sponsor HD Diesel Engine Program and Exhibit at BIG R Show

TheAutomotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA) and its Heavy DutyRemanufacturing Group (HDRG) have announced the addition of Engine BuilderMagazine as a co-sponsor of the HD Diesel Engine Program and ExhibitSection of the Big R Show. APRA’s BIG R Show will be co-located withthe ATRA Powertrain Expo at The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas on November1-2, just

Jim Keever, Jr. Wins Engine Pro’s ‘Best Shop Solution’ Award

Jim Keever, Jr., owner of Keever Auto & Machine, Inc. in Hutchinson, Kansas, has won the $1,000 Engine Pro award for the Best Shop Solution of 2008. Jim’s Shop Solution, outlining a quick and safe method for removing intake manifold gaskets from Honda cylinder heads by heating the gasket around the ports and studs, was the

Engine Pro Spreads Awards Around IMCA Regions

Engine Pro spreads contingency awards around the country again this season, to drivers in IMCA’s Modified, Stock Car and Hobby Stock divisions. A total of $6,300 in product/service certificates will be given by the Wheat Ridge, CO-based internal engine parts wholesaler group, based on regional standings in all three classes. Top eligible drivers in all

Engines Market: Total Engine Production Generated By Manufacturers In The U.S. And Canada Increased in 1996

Annual production of remanufactured enginesclimbed from 1.32 million in 1995 to 1.57 million during 1996– an increase of about 19.4%. Engine production figures are based on a universe of 120 U.S.and Canadian rebuilders that rebuilt an average of 13,113 short,long and complete engines each last year. Survey results werecompiled from a detailed questionnaire mailed to

Connecticut Withdraws Proposed IC Engine Ban

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has withdrawn SEMA-opposed regulation that would have required the state to adopt California’s strict motor-vehicle emissions laws and outlaw the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars beginning in 2035.  The move to withdraw the regulation came after bipartisan opposition from state lawmakers, with the governor acknowledging that the proposal lacked sufficient

Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4 Plus Engine Management System

Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4 Plus Self-Learning Engine Management System makes it easier than ever to swap a Gen III Hemi into your classic Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth car or truck. The self-learning ECU adjusts the fuel map as you drive, providing optimum performance with no need for laptop tuning or costly dyno sessions. You can use the

How to Properly Crate a Performance Engine for Shipping

PPLUS Global Logistics, a freight management provider, recently released a guide outlining the proper steps for crating a performance engine for shipping. Obviously, given the expense and potential for damage to these high-value engines, shipping them requires careful attention to detail to ensure their safe transportation. These engines are not just valuable investments, they are

Pro Motor Engines’ LS3 Engine Build for TA2 Racing

Pro Motor Engines in Mooresville, NC and owner Dennis Borem have a rich history in NASCAR and other forms of racing. We got to visit the shop earlier this summer, and the team was wrapping up a dyno session on a newly assembled LS3 engine for TA2 racing. We got the full details of the

Inside Pro Motor Engines in Mooresville, NC

During our recent trip to Charlotte and Mooresville, NC, we got the opportunity to tour Pro Motor Engines with owner Dennis Borem. This engine machine shop has a rich 40-year history of building engines for all three top NASCAR Series as well as ARCA, SCCA and NHRA. PME focuses on high performance engine building and