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Today’s Oil Not the Same

A recent camshaft company Technical Bulletin said it best: “Today’s engine oil is just not the same as it used to be, thanks to the ever tightening environmental regulations.” The EPA, car manufacturers, and the American Petroleum Institute (API) have done a great job reducing emissions and extending the life of emissions control equipment. However,


In a recent joint announcement, APRA’s European Director, Fernand Weiland, and APRA’s President, Bill Gager, stated that the European Exhibition scheduled for April 14, 2008 is sold out and a waiting list for booth space has been started. The event will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw, Poland and will be followed by

Valve Seat & Guide Equipment Selection

Cylinder head work is one of the mainstays of any engine building operation, and these components often require valve guide and seat work to restore them for service or to improve performance. In order for a valve to seat correctly, for efficiency and power, engine builders must replace or bring back to spec all valve

Alcohol: It

Article by Norm Brandes and Keith McCord  Ethanol, or moonshine whiskey has been used as either fuel or liquor since the mid-15th century. The very first patented internal combustion engine was invented by Samuel Morey back in 1826 and ran on a mixture of ethanol, alcohol and turpentine. Fast forward to 1861 where German inventor

Racing News Update: IRL/Champ Car Finally One After 12-Year Split

IndyRacing League founder and CEO Tony George and owners of the Champ CarWorld Series have completed an agreement in principle that will unifymajor American open-wheel racing for 2008. The agreement was signed by Champ Car owners inprinciple Feb. 22 in Chicago. George signed the agreement Feb. 21. Details of a news conference regarding unification and ancillaryquestions will be forthcoming.

CNC Machining: Making Dollars and Sense

"For the first time, we saw people who weren’t overwhelmed by the concept of CNC machines,” Matt Meyer said about the recent PRI trade show. “This was the first year that most people really seemed to know what they were looking at and understood that CNC machines are a viable part of the automotive machine

Performance Oils and Additives: Got Zinc?

How do you choose the right oil for your racing or performance engine application? While you don’t have to be a chemist to know there are differences in oil formulations, these variations can be as broad as the type of oil, or as specific as the additive package that is used. Your father’s motor oil

ROL Manufacturing Named O’Reilly Auto Parts 2007 Vendor of the Year

O’Reilly Auto Parts has awarded ROL Manufacturing the Vendor of the Year for its hard work in the categories of Exhaust Products and Engine Gaskets. This award is given to suppliers whose products maintain strong category sales growth combined with exceptional product fill rates and responsiveness to meet all customer needs. Commenting on the recognition,

MaxiForce to Host AERA Tech & Skills Regional Conference

MaxiForce, a Miami-based provider of replacement diesel engine parts, will host the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) Tech & Skills Regional Conference at its Miami headquarters. The one-day conference will take place on Saturday, April 5. “This is an exciting announcement for us, in that we look forward to interacting with our valued partners, as

Pennzoil Unveils New

Pennzoil has embarked upon a new brand strategy that makes strong claims about the oil’s ability to help keep a vehicle’s engine clean. The company’s new brand initiative is built around the theme of “Feel the Clean” and will be supported by a new advertising campaign that made its debut with new television, print and


BMW’s Mini engine plant is located in Warwickshire, the British Midlands, which is part of BMW’s UK ‘manufacturing triangle’. The Warwickshire assembly line recently achieved a significant milestone, it built its one-millionth engine since production first started at the plant seven years ago. The continued growth of the Mini’s popularity has enabled BMW to add

Blueprint For Success: Shop Layouts to Boost Efficiency

Anyone who’s in the engine rebuilding business today knows that to be profitable your shop has to be productive. Whether you’re a production engine rebuilder or a small custom engine shop, the rules are the same. If your shop can produce quality work quickly and efficiently, you’ll make more money than competitors who can’t.  

Carburetor Tuning For Performance and Restorations

The modern “square” design of Holley carburetors was popularly introduced during the late 1950s. Because this style of Holley carburetor featured a simple, modular design with interchangeable parts and a great degree of adjustability, it immediately found favor with performance enthusiasts. We’ll use the Holley 4150-series carburetors to illustrate how to select, assemble, adjust and

Melling Tool Co. Acquires Dana

MellingTool Co. this week completed the purchase of Wop Industria e Comerciode Bombas ltda, (WOP) a subsidiary of Dana Industrias Ltda, theBrazilian arm of Dana Corp. based in Toledo, OH. WOPengineers and manufactures oil and water pumps for the Brazilianautomotive original equipment market. The facility is located in thecity of Diadema, State of Sao Paulo,

EQ Renews Sponsorship of IMCA Racing and IMCA Wild West Modified Tour

EngineQuest(EQ), a manufacturer of stock replacement and performance cylinderheads as well as a wide variety of new, remanufactured and reclaimedengine parts, has announced that it has renewed its sponsorshipagreement with the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) for2008. In addition to its general sponsorship of IMCA racing, EQ willremain the title sponsor of the IMCA Wild

ATK VEGE Acquires California Cylinder Heads

ATKVEGE, a North American private label remanufacturer of engines, hasacquired California Cylinder Heads (CCH) of Orange, CA, from ownerPeter Winkler. Winkler started CCH nearly two decades ago in GardenGrove, CA. “The purchase of California Cylinder Headsprovides the opportunity to better serve our customers by allowing usto expand our cylinder head product line,” said Peter Butterfield,

MAHLE Clevite Announces New Contract with NASCAR

MAHLE Clevite has announced itscontinued support of NASCAR by signing a new contract for the 2008season. A longtime supporter of NASCAR racing, the company has extendedits agreement to again sponsor the Nationwide Series, Craftsman TruckSeries and at the grass roots levels of NASCAR. Under the agreement MAHLE Clevite will enter its second season ofsponsorship of

MAHLE Clevite Inc. Announces Transition to MAHLE White Decal Beginning at 2008 Daytona 500

MAHLE Clevite Inc. has announced that beginning with the 2008 Daytona 500 in February, the company will begin the transition to the MAHLE white decal on the front fender of NASCAR vehicles. Emblazoned with big blue letters, the MAHLE white decal will take the place of the legendary Clevite blue decal and marks a new

Lunati Returning To Its Performance Roots

An exclusive ownership group made up of industry and racing veterans has purchased Lunati. The new ownership group says it will continue with the foundation that has already been laid with Lunati’s history of excellence in motorsports and intends to use that as a base for even greater success on the race track. Lunati’s new

Loving Your Job, Losing Your Shirt?

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