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Getting To The Bottom of Hydraulic Lifter Preload

Hydraulic lifters have been the choice of the automotive industry for many years for several good reasons. When compared to a mechanical lifter, the hydraulics are: 1. Quieter. 2. Low maintenance. 3. Able to adjust for thermal expansion of the engine. 4. Considered as a built in shock absorber, eases stress on valve train. 5.

2011 IMIS To Include Exhibitor-Hosted Tech and Business Seminars

The International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS) Industry Seminar Series is designed with the attendee in mind to give concise but concentrated information each day. Show?attendees are encouraged to build a schedule that is designed around their needs and interests. IMIS Industry Seminars are hosted by show exhibitors and divided into categories that easily allow attendees

Rottler To Hold Open House September 30 to October 1

Rottler’s Open House will feature technical presentations and live machine demos as well as a cookout will be held on Thursday, September 29, and attendees are invited to join them on a dinner cruise Friday night. Technical Seminars • Converting Diesel Engines to use Various Forms of Gas such as LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), Natural

Three Reasons to Wear a Coat

What’s not usually as well known is the incredible versatility that coatings have in dealing with a huge range of problems. The number of uses for various coatings in performance applications is mind-boggling and nearly limitless, but in order to keep the possibilities cost effective and manageable it’s useful to think about it in terms

Close-Coupled Converter Caution on Late Model GM Vehicles

This new style converter provides quick catalyst warm-up, resulting in lower tailpipe emissions earlier in operating cycle. If and engine failure (such as a broken intake/exhaust valve orpiston), debris may be deposited in the converter through engine exhaust ports. If the engine failure is due to a severe overheating event, damage to the ceramic “brick”

Does Ignition Tuning Still Matter? Things You Need To Know

Spark plugs never foul out anymore, and the old term “it’s breaking up at high rpm” has literally disappeared from the racer’s vernacular. And now thanks to digital electronics, even the spark advance curve can be programmed on a laptop computer instead of adjusting weights and springs that fly around inside of a distributor. How

Ford 4.6L SOHC Labor Cost Study

Ford has built the 4.6L motors in both the Romeo Engine Plant, located in Romeo, MI, and at the Windsor Engine Plant and the Essex Engine Plant, both located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The 4.6L has been offered in 2-valve SOHC, 3-valve SOHC and 4-valve DOHC versions. The engines were also offered with both aluminum

Oiling Systems For Grassroots Racing

One of the first things to look at when building an engine is the oiling system. Dry sump systems are very scalable and efficient but are not known to be inexpensive by any means. Wet sump systems, on the other hand, offer affordability and can handle some impressive performance applications, but using all stock components

Owner Maintenance: Who

Over the past several years, I’ve written a lot articles on maintaining your machine shop equipment.  I’ve always believed in being proactive when it comes to maintenance and preached it many times in this column. I am convinced that by doing maintenance up front you’ll keep these expensive machines lasting longer and performing better for

Common Failure Modes

For years, B&G Machine had been a diesel machine shop serving Seattle and the upper Northwest part of the U.S. To address certain market conditions in the mid- to late-’90s, we began building diesel engines. In doing so, we tried to identify the engines that would best serve a captive market – markets that would

Callies Launches New Fatigue Testing Division

Callies says the new division has been developed to provide objective laboratory testing of any component subject to fully reversed bending or torsional fatigue.  Everything from engine components to mounting brackets can quickly be evaluated, according to the company. This capability is currently being used by Callies to develop the strongest cranks on the market,

JASPER Acquires Canam Marketing for Stronger USPS Parts Presence

The Jasper Engine & Transmission Exchange Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) has acquired Canam Marketing Corporation. Canam Marketing will be operated by JASPER’s sister company, Jasper Innovative Solutions, as the company strives to increase its presence in the United States Postal Service parts market. “The acquisition of Canam Marketing will be a great addition to

PERA Announces

Gary Reed from Lock-N-Stitch kicked off the "What’s New and What It Means to You" series in April with a webinar about casting repairs. Other noted speakers are to include Bill McKnight from MAHLE, Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich from King Engine Bearings and Mark Ferner from Shell Oil.   May 18 Understanding the Design and Function

Holley Names Ricky Best Technical Sales Representative

Best will handle sales and support for all of Holley’s brands, but will be specialize in Holley EFI, Holley carburetors, and Earls plumbing. Best is a "hands on" sales representative who can offer a high level of technical expertise to engine builders, tuners, race teams, and specialty car builders. He will be attending many race

Ohio Technical College Students Build

The custom Bel Air will be presented May 1, 2011 during Christi Edelbrock’s "Rev’ved Up 4 Kids" charity car show benefiting The Center for Learning Unlimited at Vic’s Garage in Torrance, Calif.        The one of a kind Bel Air, which was built to replicate a Hot Wheels 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Edelbrock die-cast

Oiling System 101

Factory stock engine blocks were designed to be mass-producedeconomically and to operate in a passenger car environment. Originalequipment oiling systems are typically restrictive and feed oil to thetop of the engine first. The common practice has been to use ahigh-volume oil pump to offset these shortcomings and help the mainbearings get more oil to survive.

SuperFlow Technologies To Merge With Dynamic Test Systems

“We are very excited to offer DTS dynamometers along with our existing SuperFlow dynos," said Scott Giles, CEO of SuperFlow. “We have always had a high level of respect for their designs and equipment and we’re expecting great things moving forward." Steve Matthiesen, vice president of sales and marketing explained the vision for the merger,

How Strong Is Your Team?

Every year there is at least one team that causes a big upset during the tournament – we call them the “Cinderella” or the “Dark Horse” and of course, everyone is pulling for these underdogs. This year the field was expanded from 64 teams to 68, and the battle VCU waged to get from the

Sometimes You Get The Unexpected

I’m speaking of cam bearings, particularly those in OHV engineapplications. What brought this to my attention was what I would call a“textbook” case of cam bearing oil bleed-out that caused the rodbearings to fail. Don’t follow me? I’m not surprised. I’m certain manyof you may be scratching your heads wondering what I mean by that.

Elgin Industries Earns ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Elgin Industries has been certified to the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems standard, a global specification covering processes and practices necessary to limit environmental impact through significantly reduced energy and raw materials consumption and lower production of waste materials. “Elgin Industries has always been a leader in engineering and manufacturing technologies, and now we’re taking