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Cleaning: Different Methods for Different Needs

Back in the late 1800s, the director of the U.S. Patent Office was said to remark “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell, U.S. Patent Commissioner in 1899 reportedly told the President of the United States that there was no more innovation and, therefore, no more need for the patent office. Except

Why Do Camshafts Fail?

Here’s a list of common mistakes we have determined to cause camshaft failure: 1. Lobe Wear Use only the manufacturer recommended lubricant, which is generally included with the cam. This lubricant must be applied to every cam lobe surface, and to the bottom of every lifter face of all flat tappet cams. Roller tappet cams

APRA Introduces BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace

The BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace will feature a wide range of products and services exclusively for the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry that will support APRA’s members and their customers in their purchasing decisions. The BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace includes a Product Showcase, which enables APRA members to highlight the many products and services they have

Turbocharging’s Not Just A Lot of Hot Air

With the uncertainty of fuel prices and the concern that gasoline couldagain top $4 a gallon across the nation, Americans have been shiftingtheir vehicle-buying behaviors toward more fuel-efficient vehicles. While gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have been getting much of theattention as the next step in fuel-sipping vehicles, turbocharging —which is used by roughly half of new

SuperFlow Technologies Group Launches New Web site provides detailed information on SF’s complete line of industry-leading automotive testing technology and equipment – including engine and chassis dynamometers, flowbenches, electronic accessories/software, as well as transmission testing and remanufacturing equipment. The site is also home for all transmission testing products marketed under the Zoom Technologies brand, which SuperFlow purchased Zoom earlier this year.

Evans Cooling Launches New Website Spotlighting Advantages of Waterless Cooling Technology

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., patent holder and manufacturer of the ONLY commercial waterless engine coolants, has launched a new website designed to spotlight the unprecedented economic, environmental and performance advantages of its engine cooling technology for users in the heavy duty and high performance engine markets. The new website features improved navigation and streamlined information

Get Your Bearings

Have you ever heard the phrase “old wives’ tales”? My father used itall the time whenever something didn’t seem to make sense to him forthe moment. For instance, most everyone knows these: “Don’t cross youreyes or they’ll stay that way” and “feed a cold, starve a fever.” Like I said, they’re “old wives’ tales.” They

Valve and Guide Material, Selection Update

Today’s engines are being designed with more valves per cylinder with smaller valves to reduce valve train weight and increase intake volume. Cylinder heads typically require valve guide and seat work to restore compression and oil control if you are rebuilding the heads. For the valve to seat properly and to gain the most power

Boosting Performance – Nitrous, Superchargers and Turbochargers

From the budget six-cylinders that get 300 hp and 28 mpg for less than $25,000 to the 600 hp Viper V10 to the 630 hp Corvette ZR1 for just over $100,000, the performance market is deep and wide. “It’s amazing, the horsepower potential that these cars are coming with off the factory floor,” says Frank

MAHLE Clevite Canada, ULC receives E.R.I. Outstanding Service Award

MAHLE Clevite Canada, ULC received the prestigious E.R.I. “OutstandingService Award” during the annual E.R.I. convention on Saturday, October24, 2009 in Toronto. Each year, E.R.I., a large machine shop buying group in Canada, selects a candidate for its “Outstanding Service Award” based on a national poll of the entire E.R.I. membership. The “Outstanding Service Award” recognizes

A Larger Sweet Spot

What made Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha and the Prince tennis racket so successful in the marketplace? A larger sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area on a club, racket, bat, etc., where a ballis most effectively hit. A larger sweet spot allows you to hit the ballwith power even when conditions do not allow

Questioning a Trip to Las Vegas?

Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 3, many thousands of people working in theautomotive industry will join together in Las Vegas as participants inthe AAPEX, SEMA, NACE and CARS shows, (and Big R Show Nov. 1-2). Combined, these five shows are the largest celebration ofeverything automotive, from hard parts, accessories and paint, to toolsand equipment and anything

Sludgy Saab May Rattle Your Chain

By Tom Purser, ALLDATA editor and Jeff Webster, ALLDATA technical writer If a Saab vehicle owner/engine installer complains about a rattling timing chain, oil sludgeor any of the other conditions described in this Tech Tip, follow therecommended procedures. Various conditions can cause the formation ofoil sludge in the engine or a rattling noise from the

Maxiforce Earns ISO Certification

Maxiforce, a Florida-based leader in diesel engine parts, recentlyachieved ISO certification (9001:2008). This designation ensures thecompany has well-documented and certified procedures of operation thatmust be followed by all departments within the business, coupled withgoals for improvement to continually increase quality, and customersatisfaction. “This objective endorsement is an extremely exciting achievement forus, which came as the

Uncovering the Culprits That Cause Head Gaskets to Fail

Most installers should know the first symptoms of a head gasket that is failing are usually a slowloss of coolant with no visible leaks, engine overheating and/or aCheck Engine light with cylinder misfire codes. The Onboard DiagnosticII (OBD II) system should detect any misfires that occur due to a lossof compression or spark plugs fouled

Test Your EQ!

Take the EngineQuest (EQ) cylinder head product quiz on and enter to win EQ’s “Head to Vegas” promotion. The quick and easy product quiz will give participants the opportunity to test their knowledge of EQ cylinder heads – the preferred cylinder head of professional engine builders. The “Head to Vegas” promotion, soon to end

Take Care of Your Tooling and It

Let’s face it, when you invest in new state-of-the-art equipment, some or most of that investment is in the tooling. That tooling needs proper care – especially if you want your new machine to perform according to the manufacturer’s specs. These newer machines don’t have a clue that your tooling is dull, bent, nicked, burred,

Gaskets, Seals, Sealants and Fasteners

The factors that typically cause a gasket to fail include age, heat, thermal expansion, abrasion, pressure, vibration, corrosion, material breakdown or poor design. Some gaskets go the distance and others do not. With head gaskets, problems like detonation and engine overheating can damage the gasket very quickly, causing an otherwise good gasket to crack or

Holley Performance Again Files for Bankruptcy

TheAssociated Press (AP) has reported that high-performance auto partsmaker, Holley Performance, has filed again for Chapter 11 bankruptcyprotection. Holley Performance emerged from a prior prepackagedbankruptcy plan on March 28, 2008. Holley filed for the second time on Monday, after it was unable toreach an agreement with its lenders. The lenders claim thatKentucky-based Holley is near

James D

James D’Amore Jr. was brought up in the automotive industry. He started sweeping floors in his father’s auto repair business back in 1973 at the age of 12. He would pedal his bike to the shop nine miles after school every day. On the weekends he and his father went to Englishtown Raceway Park, NJ’s