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Not Those Jeeps Again! The Facts About 4.0L Cylinder Heads

Back in the April 2003 issue of Engine Builder information was provided about the proliferation that occurred on the engine blocksof 4.0L Jeeps starting in 1996 and continuing though the present.Sound familiar? Well, you may remember the reference made to Popeye andhis "Jeep" friends. The 4.0L came on the scene in 1987 and is still

Revised Isuzu Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head Bolt Torque Specifications

The following information has been revised in the engine section of Isuzu’s service manual. Use the torque chart below when installing the intake manifold to the cylinder head. Torque the intake manifold to cylinder head bolts to 13 ft.lbs. (18 Nm).   Some or all of this information was provided by the AutomotiveParts Remanufacturers Association

Shell Makes Switch to Penske Racing in 2011

From Shell Oil Company and PenskeCorporation have announced a multi-year cross business alliance starting inthe 2011 racing season. The new alliance allows Shell and Pennzoil toexpand their motorsports presence as it includes a primary sponsorshipwith 2004 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, Kurt Busch and the No. 22 car,as well as associate sponsorships promoting Shell

MAHLE Clevite Inc. Introduces a New eLearning Course on Victor Reinz Gaskets

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently added a new course on Victor Reinz gaskets to its eLearning™ curriculum. The new course covers the features and benefits of Victor Reinz gaskets and offers automotive and engine-rebuilding professionals the necessary tools to master sealing solutions. The course also will be available in French and Spanish in the near future.

A Chip Off The Old Block: Aftermarket Blocks Are More Versatile Than Ever

It’s the same economic principle many body shops use on their rodding customers. You can expend good time, money and effort trying to resurrect an old hulk towards the customer’s ultimate goals or you can cut to the chase by starting with an accurate reproduction. In engine building, the same holds true but with a

High Tech Cleaning Options

Yet while machining tolerances and performance expectations have changed dramatically over the past few decades, when it comes to getting parts clean, many of those high-tech shops struggle with the same technology they used 30 years ago. The simple fact is, times have changed for parts cleaning, and so have the methods. Engine builders have

Federal-Mogul President and CEO Extends Employment Agreement

Alapont joined Federal-Mogul in 2005 and is credited, in conjunctionwith Carl Icahn, with guiding the company to exit from difficultbankruptcy proceedings in the United States and United Kingdom. Underhis leadership, the company has implemented its strategy of sustainableglobal profitable growth, restructured its global manufacturing andengineering network to better serve its diverse customer base andcontinued to

The More Things Change…

One of the things we editorial-types like best is hearing from you, our readers. Obviously, we can’t talk with each one of you in person during the week, so it’s always a treat when someone comes up to me at a trade show or business convention and lets me know they appreciate receiving Engine Builder

Fremd High School’s Team PRW Wins Division 3

Fremd High School from Palatine, IL.  sponsored by Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) took first place with the fastest time of 44 minutes and 15 seconds and will be representing Division 3 at the National Championship dubbed “Showdown at SEMA” at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November. There, they will be competing against

Race & Performance Expo Wrap-Up

The Race & Performance Expo kicked off Friday, March 5 with the manufacturer’s Mardi Gras party that included a round table talk with Vic Edelbrock, Tim Freeman and Jim Bingham about the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge program. The evening concluded with a tribute and award presentation to Theresa and Amanda Gabriel, the wife

Rattle or Knocking Noise from Audi Camshaft Adjuster at Cold Start

The following chart lists the production models and engines affected by this conditon.                     Service The camshaft adjustment is hydraulically actuated and controlled by the engine oil pressure. If the engine has been turned off for a longer time, the oil pressure drops down and the

Valve Timing Basics

Although we can not explain cam design in such a small space, we might be able to clear up some of the most misunderstood terms and make clearer what actually happens as the engine goes through its four-stroke cycle. We will illustrate the relationship between all parts of the engine and try to help you

A Forgotten Decade: Identifying Cadillac Cylinder Heads From The 1980s

Forthe Cadillac 4.1L engine there are only two cylinder heads, one thathas a somewhat oval combustion chamber (see illustrations) that iscommonly referred to as the “non-swirl” and produces a published 8.5:1compression. The second head has a somewhat heart shaped combustionchamber and is referred to as the “swirl” head and produces 9.0:1published compression. When using the

Jack Roush Honored with Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award

OnMarch 12 Jack Roush was given one of the highest honors inthe hot rod world, when he was presented with the Robert E. PetersenLifetime Achievement Award. The ceremony took place during the grandopening breakfast of the 12th Annual HotRod & RestorationTradeShow, in front of nearly 1,000 attendees at the Indiana ConventionCenter in Indianapolis.   “Being

Eliminating The Low Oil Pressure Gremlin

Whether you’re a Production Engine Remanufacturer (PER) or a Custom Engine Builder (CER), this issue has shown up in yourwarranty or complaint area like the nasty gremlin that it is. So let’sgo on a journey and see what you think. "Low Oil Pressure" is the frightening gremlin of which I speak! Here isthe situation: your

Stroker Motor Opportunities: Love the One You’re With

Let’s face it: there are only so many 340 Chryslers, Boss 302s, 427 medium risers and 440 Six-pack engines out there. Luckily, many combinations of less-familiar engine components are readily available and can rescue you from the cookie cutter mentality. A quick inspection of a few of the many forged piston manufacturers’ catalogs reveals a

What’s New with Oil Pumps, Pickups and Pans

The two greatest concerns from a lubrication standpoint are dry starts and loss of oil pressure while the engine is running. Dry starts are more of a worry in engines that have front-mounted oil pumps with relatively long pickup tubes, which includes such popular engines as the GM 3800 V6, Chrysler 3.5L V6, etc. as

CNC?Head Porting & Machining Centers

The fact that CNC machines have come down in price over the years, coupled with less complicated interfacing systems means that today they can be used by nearly anyone. You don’t have to relearn everything. You don’t have to take endless courses on how to make a tool change. Today’s machines are sophisticated and savvy

Building a Late Model Hemi Stroker

What is the purpose of stroking a motor? The answer is simple: to obtain more cubic inches. And in today’s economic times, it’s always best to achieve “more” with less – as in less money. The key word to many stroker enthusiasts today is “budget”. However, the word “budget” has a way of being interpreted

Federal-Mogul Reports Strong Fourth Quarter 2009 Net Income and Record Cash Flow

Federal-MogulCorp. has reported strong fourth quarter 2009 profitability, withhigher gross margin, improved net income of $43 million, or 43 centsper diluted share, and $251 million record cash flow with increasedsales versus fourth quarter 2008. The company said it improvedfinancial performance in each consecutive quarter of 2009 asrestructuring and cost-reduction initiatives enhanced Federal-Mogul’soperating leverage. Stronger demand