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Dick Morgan Retires as John Washbish Takes Presidency of Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

For more than 15 years, Richard (Dick) Morgan has served as presidentand CEO of Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (Alliance). On hisretirement, effective Dec. 31, 2009, Morgan culminated a 48-year careerof successes in the industry. “I’ve been fortunate to have spent the final years of my career at theAlliance,” said Morgan. “This is the best group

Checking Fuel Pressure

Fuel pressure can be checked by attaching a gauge to the Schrader valvefitting on the fuel injector rail, or by teeing the gauge into the fuelsupply line if the fuel system lacks a test fitting. The operating pressure of the fuel system must be within the rangespecified by the vehicle manufacturer. The numbers will typically

Advanced Machine Tooling

The key to boosting productivity is to remove more metal in less time. However, faster cutting speeds and feeds require tooling inserts that can take the heat and abuse without dulling. To achieve these goals, tooling suppliers have come up with various cutter shapes, edge geometries and surface coatings that significantly improve tool performance and

Getting it Right

Mark Dodge, owner of Midwest Cylinder Head, can pinch a penny thin enough to see through (and maybe that keeps his businesses alive and well in poor economic times), so you can bet his choice was thoroughly researched and thought out. I wanted to see what this unit was all about and so arranged to


A bold statement, you may think. Are you thinking that it doesn’t apply to your business? You may think you’re doing okay. Yet my statement applies to everyone – from a one-man shop to a shop with 100 employees or more – because if you don’t do it, your competitor will! The most recent Machine

Street Performance Cylinder Heads

Where I grew up in Connecticut wasn’t the hotbed of street racing like Woodward was in Detroit, but we had the Berlin Turnpike, River Road in Middletown, plus a few local small-town hotspots. It was during this period that I got my first education about the importance of cylinder heads. A local rich kid got

Performance Valve Springs and Retainers

Old school thinking on these matters has usually been to increase spring pressure as much as possible by using the stiffest dual or triple springs that can be installed in the engine. But that kind of thinking is changing, thanks to improvements in spring technology. Stiffer springs are obviously needed if you are building a

Question: What

Someone recently lamented to me that things aren’t really that good in the engine rebuilding business these days. Is this news to you? Of course it isn’t! We all know that there are many pressures on the industry that affect our jobs everyday. Statistics show that people are keeping their cars longer. This was traditionally

Minneapolis, MN Selected As Site of Fall 2010 PERA Convention

Minneapolis has been selected as the site of the 2010 Production Engine Remanufacturers Association Annual Convention. The convention, to be held  Sept. 15-18, will include technical seminars, business and marketing presentations and at least two tours of local remanufacturing facilities. The Association’s annual Golf Outing will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 15 with an opening

CAT 3208 Cylinder Block Identification

The turbo block has two vents for the lifter chambers of the block that the non-turbo does not have. Figure 1shows the rear lower extremity of the “V” of both blocks. The non-turboblock is plain and just follows suit with the rest of the casting. Thecounter bored and threaded hole (red circle) is where the

Diesel Enthusiasm Often Tempered By Fear of the Unknown

Most automotive guys understand the principles of an internal combustion engine. Whether it is gasoline or diesel these are fuel, fire, and compression! Without one of these ingredients, the internal combustion engine will not function. So what is it about diesel engine rebuilding that makes automotive guys so nervous? This basically comes down to what

Crankshafts and Bearings for Street Performance and Racing

Most engine builders have strong opinions and brand preferences when it comes to choosing a crankshaft and bearing combination for a performance engine application. Their preferences (and prejudices) are usually based on years of experience, both good and bad. Many subscribe to the philosophy that “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!” Consequently, if they

Balance of Power

Everyone is looking for balance in their lives – balance between work and family, between responsibility and recreation, between give and take. Too much of one at the expense of the other can lead to dire consequences. The same thing can be said about the engines you rebuild. Balance between the crankshaft and its related

Pollution: Does it have to be a dirty word?

Is your business exposed to pollution liability risks? Are you covered? Can you sleep comfortably at night knowing you have taken all the necessary steps to control this exposure? If you know the meaning of “Environmental Due Diligence,” you probably can. First let’s look at three fact-based scenarios related to pollution liability that have actually

Critical Cam Event Criteria

If you want to build a performance street motor built on a moderate budget, part of the deal is that it’s up to you to select the cam for the job. Without spending forever researching it, and nearly as long installing and timing it, what cam will be the best for the job? Here are

Shelby International Launches New Social Networking Site:

Carroll Shelby, founder of Carroll Shelby International Inc. and the Carroll Shelby Foundation, have announced the birth of Shelby Nation,a dynamic online community for fans of Carroll Shelby and the legacy hehas created that includes all Shelby organizations. The Internet portalcombines social networking with forums, videos, images, links and Webpages for the Carroll Shelby Foundation,

Cleaning: Different Methods for Different Needs

Back in the late 1800s, the director of the U.S. Patent Office was said to remark “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles Duell, U.S. Patent Commissioner in 1899 reportedly told the President of the United States that there was no more innovation and, therefore, no more need for the patent office. Except

Why Do Camshafts Fail?

Here’s a list of common mistakes we have determined to cause camshaft failure: 1. Lobe Wear Use only the manufacturer recommended lubricant, which is generally included with the cam. This lubricant must be applied to every cam lobe surface, and to the bottom of every lifter face of all flat tappet cams. Roller tappet cams

APRA Introduces BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace

The BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace will feature a wide range of products and services exclusively for the automotive and truck parts remanufacturing industry that will support APRA’s members and their customers in their purchasing decisions. The BUYREMAN Remanufacturing Marketplace includes a Product Showcase, which enables APRA members to highlight the many products and services they have

Turbocharging’s Not Just A Lot of Hot Air

With the uncertainty of fuel prices and the concern that gasoline couldagain top $4 a gallon across the nation, Americans have been shiftingtheir vehicle-buying behaviors toward more fuel-efficient vehicles. While gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have been getting much of theattention as the next step in fuel-sipping vehicles, turbocharging —which is used by roughly half of new