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Threaded Fasteners Torque-to-Yield and Torque-to-Angle

All the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have fastener labs with lots of sophisticated equipment and well-educated people working on fastening issues. They even have their own professional association – The Bolting Technology Council – which holds meetings and seminars about fasteners. I’m not a fastener engineer, and I’m not going to make you into one.

Blum Hopes To Help Bring PERs Up to Speed Technologically

The Production Engine Remanufacturers Association (PERA) will be coming up roses when it welcomes its new chairman at its annual convention, hosted this year in Point Clear, AL. Wilfried Blum will have some impressive shoes to fill as he replaces Jim Ormsby of Franklin Power Products, located in Franklin, IN, as president for 2001. Blum,

What’s Hot In Cold Crack Repairs!

It is one of the most common ailments of a modern engine, requiring attention whenever it is discovered. It has the potential to be a great profit center, but it can also cause no end of frustration. "It" is a crack, and whenever one is discovered in a cylinder head or engine block, it means

Net Worth Marketing Machine Shop Services In The New Millennium

In an age of dot-coms, sound-byte advertising and consumer attention spans getting shorter, companies from the largest to the smallest have had to adjust their marketing strategies to keep pace. Production engine remanufacturers (PERs) and machine shops/custom engine rebuilders (CERs) are no exception. Today

Rebuilding the New Chevy 262

This enabled GM to shorten the development process dramatically because it was able to adapt a proven design. But it also allowed it to share a lot of the existing tooling from the V8 production lines so the engines could be on the road sooner. The original 200 V6 that came out in 1978 was

Core Cleaning: A Closer Look at the Issues and Regulations That Are Driving Today’s Market

On the list of hot button issues in the engine rebuilding business, the disposal of waste usually takes a backseat to supplier consolidations, market share position, profitability and other topics. On the other hand, the amount of time, effort and money that rebuilders spend, all of it non-productive, in meeting regulatory requirements can be significant.

Cleaning Aluminum

"Ten years ago, when there wasn’t that much aluminum, people were scared," said Mike Wigert, sales manager of spraywasher manufacturer LS Industries. "They didn’t know how to regulate their ovens, they didn’t know which chemicals to use, and they were tarnishing their aluminum parts, and probably ended up hand cleaning a lot of them," he

Message From Incoming PERA President Jim Ormsby

Sometimes we need to exceed even our own expectations. That’s the message from Jim Ormsby, incoming Production Engine Remanufacturers Assoc-iation (PERA) president and current general manager of Franklin Power Products, a production engine remanufacturer (PER) located in Franklin, IN. They’re words that all PERA members should take to heart if they wish to re-energize shrinking

The Obd Ii Shop: Will Machine Shops Be Able To Pass Added Technology Costs On To Their Customers?

These days, OEMs push the envelope in terms of precision engine building techniques. Will machine shops be able to pass added technology costs on to their customers? After a recent tour of the DaimlerChrysler Kenosha, WI, engine plant, I came away with a lot more questions than answers about the future of engine rebuilding, especially

1999 Machine Shop Labor Costing Study

There are probably few topics of more interest to machine shops and custom engine rebuilders than charges for specific shop labor operations. In January, Automotive Rebuilder surveyed 2,400 machine shop members of the Engine Rebuilders Association (AERA) throughout the U.S., asking for labor charges for 22 basic labor operations performed on two popular engines currently

Rebuilding The GM Quad 4

The Quad 4 had four valves per cylinder, tuned intake and exhaust manifolds, no distributor, no plug wires, lightweight rods and pistons to reduce shaking forces, and a crank with eight counterweights that was designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and bearing wear. It didn’t have an A.I.R. pump or an EGR system,

Obd II Shop : The Sensitivity Of Obd-IISystems Will Present Significant Change For Shops

For nearly 30 years, engine rebuilders were sheltered from the dramatic changes sweeping through the automotive industry. While other shop owners and technicians scrambled to relearn almost everything they knew because of computers, engine rebuilding remained essentially the same. Now, machine shops, custom and production engine rebuilders are faced with relearning virtually everything they know.

Pistons & Rings: Changes That Are Designed To Reduce Emissions And Extend Durability

With each new generation of engines come changes that are designed to reduce emissions and extend durability. Key among these have been changes in piston and ring materials. Most vehicle manufacturers today are building passenger car engines that, with proper maintenance (regular oil changes), are capable of going well over 100,000 miles

Jobber Rebuilt Small Parts Report

Most rebuilders will tell you that the markethas never been more competitive than it is today. Many will alsotell you that the past 12-18 months have been difficult in termsof maintaining their sales levels of rebuilt units. However, although total units sold may be downindustry wide, according to a recent survey of 1,000 jobbers acrossthe

LPG Conversions: Renewed Interest In The Use Of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) And LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

The recent move to clean up inner city exhaustemissions has resulted in renewed interest in the use of LPG (LiquefiedPetroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural gas) as motor fuels.These fuels are almost pure propane with a little butane present. Tax incentives are being offered to encouragefleet operators to convert to gaseous fuels and more vehiclesare

Rebuilding the Buick 3300

The Buick 3300 was introduced in 1989 as areplacement for the 3.0L that had been around since 1982. It hadthe updated block with on-center bores, just like the revisedversion of the 3800 that came out the year before, along withseveral other changes and improvements. This engine was installed in many of the "A"bodied cars including

1998 Market Update – Electrical

The information provided in this article is excerpted from a presentationmade by Doug Barron, Manager of Freedom Battery Design & Application,Delphi Energy & Engine Management Systems. The presentationwas made at last year’s Independent Battery Manufacturers Association(IBMA) Convention in Chicago, IL. Barron’s comments pertain to the future requirements of automotivebatteries. However, they also address the increasing

1998 Market Update – Brakes: The Application Specific Bandwagon…The Buzzword Of The Aftermarket Brake Friction World Today

Many in the brake rebuilding market are getting on the ApplicationSpecific Bandwagon. It’s the buzzword of the aftermarket brakefriction world today. "We’re going to have to be application specific because ofperformance requirements coming out of testing procedures thatthe Brake Manufacturers Council is working on," observesGil Laycock of the Friction Materials Standard Institute (FMSI).As one who

1998 Market Update – CV Shafts

One of the biggest issues still facing rebuilders is the controversyover the pros and cons of grinding CV joints. Though many CV unitrebuilders will tell you it’s getting harder to remain competitiveunless you grind, nobody grinds unnecessarily in this tight marketbecause of the costs of machine work and labor. Craig Russell of Drive Plus, Inc.,

1998 Market Update – Cores: The Consolidation Of The Automotive Aftermarket

Core suppliers are watching the consolidation of the automotiveaftermarket with much interest. After all, many businesses intransition are their customers. But while some core suppliersare not as busy as they’d like to be, most don’t blame the consolidationsof large retailers like Auto Zone and Chief for their troubles.Likewise, many don’t believe that the rebuilder mergers