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Cleaning with Dry Ice? Cold Jet’s Kevin Must Explains

More and more these days, shops are looking for better, easier and more sustainable ways to clean engine components and parts. Enter Cold Jet, a 30-year-old company that offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions to numerous industries including engine rebuilding, using dry ice blasting.

Cleaning Equipment in Today’s Shops

Keeping components and parts in your shop clean is of utmost importance, second only to washing your hands.

Cleaning Feature
Ultrasonic Mobile Cleaning Units

Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime from even the smallest of crevices

Best Practices for Cleaning Engines and Parts: Featuring ASK ANDY

Before you can do anything with engines or parts that are being rebuilt or remanufactured, the first step is cleaning. Attend this free live discussion to learn about the different cleaning alternatives, and the pros and cons of each — including abrasive blasting and soda blasting. We’ll talk about how to remove burnt-on carbon, light

UltraSonic Ultra 1000M Cleaning Machine

The Ultra 1000M fits conveniently on your tabletop and delivers high-performance, precision-clean results that save hours of labor compared to other methods.

UltraSonic LLC Ultra 3800FLT Cleaning Machine

Featuring a lift table, 38.5˝ tank length, low profile ergonomic design, and dual programmable automated cycles, the Ultra 3800FLT was specifically engineered to be a cost-effective way to clean.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The technology remains an excellent cleaning option for machine shops and engine builders looking for cleaning equipment.

Video: Cleaning with ARMEX

ARMEX soda blasting can clean contaminants off of any size part without damage to the part surface. See why it may be a solution for your shop.

Video: Baking Soda and Non-Destructive Cleaning

The reasons you should consider baking soda when you clean.

Improve your Turbocharger Cleaning Process with Soda Blasting

It’s been more than 100 years since the idea for a turbocharged engine was developed. Originally their use had been limited to very large diesel engines and while there have been additional innovations for use in automobiles, it was not always the most popular power adder. The boost was powerful but the cost was too

ArmaKleen & Safety-Kleen Announce No Limits Parts Cleaning Roadshow

Attend their upcoming Parts Cleaning Roadshow on October 4th at Texas Motor Speedway to learn more about cleaning parts with environmentally responsible cleaners and parts cleaning equipment technology for a safer workplace.

Cleaning Components with Baking Soda

There are many different processes for cleaning parts and components before engines can be rebuilt, and engine builders use a variety of cleaning solutions for different reasons. However, the argument can be made that sodium bicarbonate blasting or soda blasting has numerous advantages.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

From cleaning to machining, engine builders are leaving the hands-on approach behind in favor of more automated methods that are also more friendly to the environment. If you’re looking for a system that works as good as some of your methods, ultrasonic cleaning might be a good choice for your shop.

Engine Part Cleaning Tips and Techniques

It’s not fun, but vital to successful rebuilds According to a recent Engine Builder Machine Shop Market Profile, in which we survey hundreds of machine shops across the country, about 15 percent of the total production time for rebuilding an engine is spent in the cleaning process. While our wives may not agree that we

Safe Cleaning – Are the Concepts Compatible?

The subject of cleaning is never far from the mind of the modern engine builder or machine shop supervisor. Obviously, parts must be as clean as possible so they can be inspected, repaired if possible and reassembled. The subject of SAFE cleaning is a little less definitive, however.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the ways engine builders can choose to clean parts, but what is it and how does it work? Is it the too-good-to-be-true stuff of science fiction or is it the best technique ever for cleaning the dirtiest of engine components? The truth, as they say, lies somewhere in the middle.

ArmaKleen to Bring the Route 66 Parts Cleaning Roadshow to Chicagoland Speedway

Local business owners and their employees can bring dirty automotive parts and have them cleaned to test the performance of aqueous cleaning systems, or try soda blasting using ARMEX media in an ABS blast cabinet or Graco EcoQuip Vapor Blaster.

Blast Cabinets: Equipment, Media Options Make Quick Work of Different Cleaning Needs

No two custom engine builders use the same team to create their engine products nor do they create the same engine or use the same parts. Just like each application has different design outlines so do abrasive blasting machines that are used to clean, strengthen, shot peen and rebuild custom engines for use in vehicles from fleets to racing.

Chemical Cleaning – Solvents and Aqueous Products Are Still Popular Choices: Here’s Why They Work

Cleaning is a process that no engine builder can avoid, whether you are rebuilding high mileage engines caked with gunk and full of gunk, or you are working with all brand new components and castings.

Innovative Products of America Professional Diesel Injector-Seat Cleaning Kit

Innovative Products of America’s (IPA) Professional Diesel Injector-Seat Cleaning Kit features three distinct types of brushes; Helix Brushes with a specially-engineered tip for deep seat cleaning, Two-Stage brushes for seat and inner seat-hole cleaning, and Bore Brushes for all bore and tube wall cleaning.