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The 392 Magnum V8 Build is a Wrap

The 392 Magnum engine build is a wrap. We’ve done all we can and now it’s going to power someone’s muscle car, hot rod or truck. When all is said-and-done the only things original in this 318 motor are a fully machined block, the cam thrust plate, the fuel pump eccentric and the bolt and washer holding on the harmonic balancer. Everything else is brand new.

Breaking Rules With Our 392 Magnum Engine Build

Breaking Some Rules — that’s what we’ve been doing and promoting with our 392 Magnum engine build. And with our plans to raffle the finished product and raise money and awareness for the work being done by the Independence Fund (www.indepencefund.org ) for our disabled veterans, we’re really doing something different, at least for us.

Assembling the Pieces of Our 392 Magnum Project

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