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A&A Midwest Announces Corporate Reorganization

At the opening of the 2019 APPEX show, A&A Midwest, a 70-year-old company that supplies cores and new engine parts, announced it will reorganize its assets to become two companies as of December 31, 2019.

A&A Midwest Celebrates 70 Years

A&A Midwest is celebrating its 70th anniversary throughout 2019. Founded by Aaron and Alex Stolberg in 1949, A&A is a leader in engine and transmission core supply, OEM-type replacement parts and automotive recycling.

In Memoriam: Aaron Stolberg, Founder of A&A Midwest/EngineQuest

Aaron Stolberg, founder of A&A Midwest/EngineQuest in Chicago and later Las Vegas and longtime PERA member, has passed at age 90.