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ACCEL Extreme 9000 Black Ceramic Boot Ignition Wire Sets

Holley has announced the release of ACCEL Extreme 9000 Black Ceramic Boot Ignition Wire Sets, which withstand temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for cramped engine bays and anytime space is tight around red-hot exhausts.

ACCEL Performance Distributors

Holley/MSD has announced the release of four high-performance ACCEL distributors, including models for GM HEI applications (both standard and small-cap versions), GM Vortec V8s, and Ford 5.0s.

Accel Expands Line of High Performance SuperCoils

ACCEL, a leading manufacturer of high performance fuel and ignition system products, has announced the availability of more than a dozen new applications for its line of high performance coil-on-plug SuperCoils for European, import and domestic cars and trucks.

ACCEL IT Visits a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Jenny and the folks at ACCEL want to hook your ride up with upgrades under the hood. Watch ACCEL IT install some new gear on this 1972 Chevelle.

ACCEL Performance Group Launches New Web-Based Video Series, ACCEL It

ACCEL Performance Group, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-performance automotive and motorcycle parts and accessories, has announced that it launched a new web-based automotive video series called ACCEL IT. Each 10-minute episode features ACCEL’s host, Jenny Long, traveling the country surprising folks who have submitted their vehicle to receive the ultimate upgrade.

Gasket Headlock Header Bolts

ACCEL Performance Group, a performance auto parts manufacturer of brands including Mr. Gasket, ACCEL, ACCEL Motorcycle, Hays, Lakewood, QuickTime and Prestolite ProConnect, have introduced its latest innovation for automotive enthusiasts and racers,Mr. Gasket HeadLock Header Bolts. Mr. Gasket’s HeadLock header bolts eliminate the need for lock washers when installing header exhaust.

ACCEL Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires

ACCEL, an industry leader in high performance fuel and ignition system products, has announced the availability of its Extreme 9000 Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wire sets. Designed to perform under the most extreme underhood temperatures, the ACCEL Ceramic Boot spark wire sets are ideal for a variety of street and race applications, especially vehicles with