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Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Adrenaline R82+ Competition Diesel Performance Additive

Hot Shot’s Secret extends the company’s Adrenaline® Racing product line with a new competition diesel performance additive – ADRENALINE R82+™. Formulated for competitive off-road vehicles, ADRENALINE R82+ combines a powerful cetane improver with Hot Shot’s Secret’s new ADRENALINE Racing Top Lube fuel lubricant to decrease wear by up to 41% in ASTM testing. The result is a diesel

Klotz Pure Estorlin Racing Lubricant

Multiple anti-wear additives are used to protect hardware, such as camshaft roller bearings and flat tappets.

Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment Now Available at Travel Centers of America and Petro Truck Stops

Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment is now available at the largest publicly traded full-service truck stop and travel center in the U.S.

HSS Diesel Treatment
LSI Chemical BoostPower 247C and 247K Gasoline Additives

BoostClean247C is a concentrated detergent cleaner that will effectively clean deposits with only one fill-up while BoostPower247K is formulated to be a maintenance detergent cleaner additive to keep the engine clean and prevent build-up daily.

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LSI Chemical BoostClean825

This aftermarket additive deep cleans gasoline fuel systems, dissolving gum and varnish while also stabilizing ethanol and lubricating upper cylinders.

Ambient Temperatures and Diesel Engines

You’ve probably seen or maybe you’ve even been a diesel truck stuck on the side of the road in the winter. What happened? They took a load of fuel that wasn’t ready for that day’s ambient temperature. Because diesel fuel can gel/freeze due to large temperature swings, we discuss reasons why diesel owners should be

Motor Oil Additives Play a Crucial Role in Engine Protection

Additives play a crucial role in protecting engines from oxidation, corrosion, deposits, and many more damaging effects on an engine.

Two New Performance Products from Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants

Renegade Race Fuels & Lubricants has announced the addition of two new products to its growing line of performance products. RATMAN “The Juice” Diesel Cetane + Power is a concentrated formula that increases both the torque and the horsepower of your diesel engine, allowing you to take full advantage of your tuner potential. It not only

Champion Oil Launches Two New Diesel Fuel Additives

Champion Oil has announced the launch of Power Plus with Cetane and Diesel Flo with Cetane diesel fuel additives.

Video: PennGrade Motor Oil and Aftermarket Additives

Lubricants are a precise balance of base oils and additives that work in a synergistic fashion. Ken Tyger of PennGrade1 High Performance talks about how detrimental aftermarket additives can be to the performance of your oil. For more information:

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge

To preserve the original power and fuel economy of diesel engines, deposits should be removed from the injection system on a regular basis. LIQUI MOLY’s Diesel Purge is an additive for retaining optimal performance. Diesel Purge does as the name suggests: it gives diesel engines a thorough cleaning. It was developed to dissolve deposits and improve