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AFIS Introduces its New Range of High-Performance Ignition Wire Sets

AFIS’s new high-performance ignition wire sets are strong, high-energy ignition wire sets with low resistance. Both fiber and spiral cores transmit current without interference and every wire set is checked for output and endurance. Developed for high-performance street cars and racing cars, AFIS has introduced a comprehensive new range of spiral-core ignition wire sets that

AFIS Announces a New, High-Quality Range of Fast-Reaction Fuel Injectors

Entering its fourth consecutive year as NHRA contingency sponsor, AFIS has announced a new, high quality range of fast-reaction fuel injectors. Named FRT, they suit high-performance street cars and racing cars as diverse as Pro Mod to Sport Compacts. Significantly, the major advantage of FRT injectors is their reaction time due to a new electronic