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Getting Better Cylinder Head Airflow

When it comes to improving horsepower and rpm, airflow has a lot to do with it, and it seems the job is one that’s never finished.

Induction System Science

The complexity of cylinder head set up and flow bench testing comes in the form of math, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and the physics it takes to design the correct port and manifold design for a particular engine combination. These processes take years to master.

Street Performance Cylinder Heads Selection Guidelines

In simple terms, the cylinder head is just a casting that tops off the engine block, holds the valves and forms the combustion chambers. Working in combination with the camshaft(s), induction and exhaust systems, the head determines how the engine breathes, the engine’s power curve and personality. The “right” cylinder head will deliver peak power

PurePower Technologies to Showcase Full Line of Products at AAPEX 2017 

PurePower Technologies, a remanufacturer of diesel fuel injectors and turbochargers for the aftermarket, will be exhibiting its line of new and remanufactured diesel fuel injectors, air management systems and fuel management components at AAPEX 2017 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas on Oct. 31- Nov. 2.

Flow Bench Testing is More Than CFM Numbers – What You Need to Know

On the surface, flow bench testing seems easy, but it’s not. Many in the industry have become solely fixated on cubic feet per minute (cfm) numbers, placing importance on a number that is easily manipulated and ignoring other data about a cylinder head’s performance. This thinking would make flow bench testing seem easy, but this