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Allied Machine GEN3SYS XT Pro Line of Inserts and Holders

Allied Machine & Engineering, a manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, has announced its new GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products. The product line features enhanced holders and inserts with three unique geometries, and two advanced coatings.

Allied Machine Announces Purchase of Superion, Inc.

Allied Machine & Engineering has announced it purchased Superion, Inc of Xenia, Ohio USA. Superion built its reputation as a manufacturer of innovative, special solid carbide and PCD tipped rotary cutting tools.

Allied Machine Offers Fast and Cost-Effective Tooling Customization Capabilities

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. offers a range of customization capabilities, including special sizes, geometries, substrates, and coatings for tool bodies, blades and inserts. Also available are customized threadmills, reamers, and boring tools.

Allied Machine Original T-A Drill

The T-A drill system features high performance inserts and holders ideal for automotive holemaking applications used in manufacturing engine blocks, crankshafts, piston, and suspension parts.