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Aviaid Dry Sump Oil Systems

The company offers two basic pump designs (Series 1 and Series 2), and can customize them for the application.

Aviaid dry sump oiling systems
Aviaid Dry Sump System for Late Viper V10 Engines

The specially engineered pan is fabricated from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and features a .250” thick rail, .125” body and a .500” plate to mount the pump.

Aviaid dry sump system
Aviaid Series 2 Pump Line

With four available scavenge section widths, plus 4, 5 and 6-stage designs, Aviaid can tailor scavenging vacuum to an engine builder’s needs.

Aviaid G-Line Dry Sump System

Designed for muscle car and sport compact applications, kits are available for small block and LS series Chevy engines, small block, and modular Ford, plus Chrysler “LA” engines.

Aviaid Dry Sump Packages for Chevy LT

Aviaid has developed block-hugging packages for both left and right-hand pump installations.

Dry Sump
Aviaid on Configuring a Dry Sump Oil System

Dry sump oil systems provide many important benefits, such as the elimination of power-robbing windage, no loss of oil pressure from hard acceleration, braking or cornering, and reduced engine wear thanks to an ongoing supply of cool, clean lubricant.

Dry Sump
Aviaid Ford Coyote Aluminum Dry Sump Pan

The pan, developed in collaboration with MMR, is designed to be used with either a 3-stage dry sump pump for street or moderate competition or a 4-stage pump for all-out racing.

Aviaid Dry Sump System for 5.0L Coyote

Aviaid manufactures a wide variety of external oil pumps that range from compact single-stage wet and dry sump units to multi-stage dry sump applications.

Aviaid Low-Profile Billet 426 Hemi Dry Sump Pan

Measuring under 2˝ in total height, Aviaid’s new billet pan facilitates the lowest possible engine mounting position.

Aviaid Viper Dry Sump System

Aviaid has just released an innovative setup for V-10 Viper applications. The system features a low profile billet aluminum pan with five ports and provisions for mounting the 5-stage (or larger) dry sump pump.