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Four Cylinder Lycoming O-360-C4P Aircraft Engine

As one of the only aircraft engine shops in the country that does all of its own machine work, assembly work and testing in-house, Airworx Aviation only focuses on the heartbeat of the airplane. The shop recently finished an overhaul on this four cylinder Lycoming O-360-C4P engine for a Piper Super Cub. Check it out!

Radial Motion’s 3-Cylinder Compact Radial Engine

Radial Motion’s three-cylinder compact radial engine is a four-stroke gas engine in a 120° radial configuration. Lightweight and compact, the 2.0L and 2.1L engines deliver both performance and reliability with unique visual appeal and an emotive exhaust note. The engine is capable of withstanding high cylinder pressures, making it well suited for turbocharging and supercharging. Check it out!

Engine Builder Subscriber Pens Historical Aviation Novel

After three decades of research, followed by eight years of challenging writing, Model Aviation Hall Of Fame inductee and engine builder Dave Gierke has finished a two-volume, lightly dramatized biographical novel based on the brilliant, but unrecognized American aviation pioneer, Augustus Moore Herring. “To Caress the Air: Augustus Herring and the Dawn of Flight –