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Soda Blasting to Clean Engines and Parts

Baking soda will safely clean many different types of material including steel, lead, aluminum, plastic, rubber, alloys, masonry, stone, concrete, composites, and more without damaging them.

Soda Blasting
The ARMEX Difference

Non-destructive baking soda abrasives can clump when wet, but ARMEX has a solution. See why its MoistureGuard is an advanced flow aid for your abrasive.

Video: The Advantages of ARMEX

If you consider non-destruction cleaning critical to your shop’s daily routine, ARMEX offers numerous advantages such as not damaging parts and moisture resistance. See how it could help your shop.

Video: Baking Soda and Non-Destructive Cleaning

The reasons you should consider baking soda when you clean.

Cleaning Components with Baking Soda

There are many different processes for cleaning parts and components before engines can be rebuilt, and engine builders use a variety of cleaning solutions for different reasons. However, the argument can be made that sodium bicarbonate blasting or soda blasting has numerous advantages.

Safe Cleaning – Are the Concepts Compatible?

The subject of cleaning is never far from the mind of the modern engine builder or machine shop supervisor. Obviously, parts must be as clean as possible so they can be inspected, repaired if possible and reassembled. The subject of SAFE cleaning is a little less definitive, however.