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Understanding Crankshaft and Bearing Load Cycles Webinar

Randy Neal of CWT Industries, Dan Begle of MAHLE Aftermarket and Nick Norris of Callies Performance Products will cover yet another new topic in balancing that has not been touched on in the past. They will be combining their vast knowledge to connect the dots of how the current designs of crankshafts and bearings handle

Crank Balancing Update

If there’s anything all of us in this industry have come to understand, it’s that you can never be certain someone else did the job correctly – and when it comes to crankshafts and crank kits that you or a customer might purchase, it’s imperative to ensure a proper balance job was performed and not just trust that it was because it says so.

Danny Soliz Says – Tip on Balancing Pistons

Danny Soliz of Hill Country Performance gives you some tips and tricks about balancing your pistons and removing weight.

PERA Webinar on Over/Under Balancing

Join PERA for this webinar on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 10:00AM CST with Randy Neal of CWT Industries. Randy of CWT Industries will not only address the issue of over/under balance he will also cover torsional loading, harmonic balancers and counterweight shaping, among many other issues. Don’t miss this important webinar on balancing. Register now!

Crankshaft Balancing Act

Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines gives a master class on crankshaft balancing, why it’s balanced and what you’re actually accomplishing for a performance engine.

Crankshaft Balancing – Part 2

Watch to see the steps for a proper balance job.

Crankshaft Balancing – Part 1

In this episode of Steve Tech, Steve Morris breaks down what goes into a proper balancing job for a performance engine.

Join PERA for a Balancing Webinar on Counter Weight Integrity and Torsional Control

Join PERA for a webinar on Jun 20, 2018 at 10:00 am CDT on the topic of Balancing: Counter Weight Integrity and Torsional Control.

More Power, More Problems – Balancing rotating assemblies in the modern day engine shop

Everyday life may be all about balance, but a quality balance machine and the understanding of how to do a quality balance job can tilt the scale in your shop’s favor.

Engine Balancing – Explain the Benefits to Sell the Balance

Over the years I’ve seen many articles on engine balancing and it seems that most of them get pretty technical and complicated. It is always nice to understand the depth of what you are trying to accomplish, but we cannot lose focus of the ultimate goal – which is to give the customer the best-balanced

Tipping the Scales

The basics of engine balancing have not changed over the years, but some of the nuances have. The equipment used to balance crankshafts has also become more sophisticated, faster to learn and easier to use thanks to smarter software, better user interfaces and more informative display graphics.

Weighing in on Balancing Work

Whether you’re building a stock engine, a high-revving performance engine or a slow-turning diesel engine, you can’t overlook the importance of balance.  Every time the pistons in a reciprocating internal combustion engine change direction, they generate a force. That force is created by the reciprocating and rotating mass of the piston and rod assembly. If