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Removing RTV Silicone Sealer from Hardware

On this episode of LinCo Lessons, Jeff McCord shows you how to remove the annoying RTV silicone sealer off of hardware.

Facts About Fasteners

Though fasteners are often taken for granted, using quality, high-performance studs and bolts can provide engine builders with important insurance toward long-term reliability.

Proform Wedge-Locking Exhaust Collector Bolts

One less thing to come loose is enough of a reason to check out these simple locking bolts. Each Proform Grade 8 Collector Bolt and Nut combo includes two pairs of special locking washers.

High-Tech Tightening

When you build your engines, you put measured thought into every component you use. From the intake system to the exhaust manifold, everything has its place and nothing is installed without careful consideration. But what about the fasteners? Some of the most critical components are held together with relatively low-cost fasteners including screws, nuts and bolts and studs.

Ingersoll Rand PowerSocket

Ingersoll Rand has introduced the PowerSocket, an innovative solution that delivers up to 50 percent more torque compared to a stand-alone impact tool. The PowerSocket can bust loose virtually any bolt, no matter how stubborn and rusted.

Fastener Intricacies

At first blush, using fasteners properly seems like a straightforward task: tighten them to spec and all is well. But in reality, there are many nuances in the selection and application of fasteners that can make the difference between a well-built engine and a candidate for self-destruction.

November Issue Engine Builder Shop Solutions

Jeep 3.8L Oil Pressure Problem Many late model 3.8L Jeep engines are losing oil pressure at the oil pump due to failure of the bypass valve. This results in destruction of not only the crankshaft, but the connecting rods. To fix the problem, you need to find the bypass valve inside the plastic timing cover.

CRP Offers Asian and European Cylinder Head Bolt Kits

These OE-quality head bolts come packaged as sets for vehicle-specific applications. CRP Automotive says it now offers coverage for Asian and European applications with its AJUSA Cylinder Head Bolt Kit program. The program features an OE-quality line of torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts that come packaged as sets to meet vehicle-specific applications, the company says. The