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Autolite Annie to be Re-Introduced with New Virtual Garage

Autolite® announced today that it will re-introduce Autolite Annie, an iconic figure from the brand’s history, with the launch of a brand-new virtual garage. Annie’s Garage, opening November 15, will feature ignition-focused automotive tech tips in an interactive online experience, and Autolite® will celebrate the grand opening with the Annie’s Goodie Giveaway series. “Gearheads are

Full Throttle Signs Cristy Lee as Brand Ambassador

Automotive maintenance chemicals brand Full Throttle Products has announced it signed MOTOR TREND TV host Cristy Lee as its brand ambassador.

Failure to Understand and Protect Your Brand’s Value Can Kill Business

CNC machining and 3D printing technologies have opened entire new worlds for parts manufacturers and engine builders alike. Modern machinery can seemingly make whatever part you can dream of with amazing specificity and repeatability. Sadly, others can and will use these same technologies to reverse engineer and copy your parts. The availability of these technologies

Marketing in the Age of Social Media

The ability to create a brand is no longer under the control of a product or service provider, nor the ad agencies. In today’s world, brands are now created by one entity more than any other, and that entity is social media.

Defining Your Brand Strategy and Telling Your Shop’s Story

Do your uniforms look like every other shop in the area? Does your waiting room look the same? Do your advertisements look exactly like what everyone else is sending? These things are all part of your shop’s brand. You can either choose to look, sound and act like everyone else, or build your own brand, tell your own story and set yourself apart.