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Factors of Crankshaft Selection

From the high-performance powerplants propelling Top Fuel dragsters to the subdued engines found in family sedans and grocery getters, each crank must be tailored to, and appropriate for, its specific application.

Understanding Crankshaft and Bearing Load Cycles Webinar

Randy Neal of CWT Industries, Dan Begle of MAHLE Aftermarket and Nick Norris of Callies Performance Products will cover yet another new topic in balancing that has not been touched on in the past. They will be combining their vast knowledge to connect the dots of how the current designs of crankshafts and bearings handle

Callies to Host Celebration of Life for Late Founder Rick Norton Jr.

Rick Norton Jr., the founder of Callies Performance Products in Fostoria, Ohio, sadly passed away at the age of 76 in April. To commemorate Norton’s legacy, Callies Performance Products has announced a Celebration of Life event, scheduled to take place on Monday, June 26, from 12 pm to 5 pm ET. Norton began his remarkable career

Callies Performance Products Founder Rick Norton Has Passed Away

On Saturday, April 15, Callies Performance Products’ Founder Richard Norton Jr. passed away. His son, Heath Norton, posted a message and numerous photos of his dad to his Facebook page, confirming the news. Heath’s message is below. “Yesterday, we had a great one move on to his next journey. My father Richard Walter Norton Jr.

Reviewing Callies’ Ultra I-Beam Connecting Rods

For our small block Ford build, we opted for a set of Callies’ Ultra I-beam connecting rods. We went with a 6.200″ rod that features a Chevy rod journal, despite our engine being a Ford platform. This rod’s quality construction and strong material make it a great choice for numerous applications and engines.

Reviewing Callies’ Ford Magnum Crankshaft

There’s no debating that Callies Performance Products manufactures a great crankshaft, among other engine components. We picked out a Callies Magnum Ford crank for our twin-supercharged small block Ford engine build, so we took the opportunity to review exactly what we got from Callies.

The Story of Callies Performance Products

We recently got access to go inside Callies Performance Products‘ Fostoria, OH facility and speak with owner Rick Norton and his son Heath Norton, up close and personal. What we got was the story of how Callies came to be a leading manufacturer of engine components, and where the company is going next.

Borowski Race Engines to Enter Big Block Chevy Market

Founded in 1968, Borowski Race Engines, Inc. (BRE) is a leader in the market for high-end LS engines built with Dart LS Next engine blocks. BRE’s current focus on LS engines is now being expanded to include Big Block Chevy (BBC) engines using Dart Machinery’s Big M and Big M Sportsman blocks. The Sportsman blocks

Callies and Energy Manufacturing Bring Back Mopar Gen II Hemi/Wedge Cast Iron Engine Blocks

A new deal with FCA Group puts the 426 Hemi and the 440 Wedge back on the track in a big way.

Energy Manufacturing Ltd. Big Block Chevy Components

The BBC product line-up includes the billet aluminum engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, rocker systems, and related kitted parts. A variety of options and mated assemblies are also available without unreasonable production delays.

Callies LS and LT Crankshafts

Callies Performance Products has announced an expanded LS and LT crankshaft offering to include a fully counter-weighted Compstar LSx8 Forged crank in 3.625˝ and 4.000˝ stroke.

Callies Compstar Rods for Ford 2.3L and 2.0L EcoBoost Engines

Callies has introduced Compstar connecting rods for high horsepower 2.3L and 2.0L Ford EcoBoost engines. These rods are designed to easily withstand the rigors of 150hp per cylinder applications.