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Check Out What’s New at Dura-Bond Bearing

New transmission bearings, cam bearings and valve seat options.

Dream Engine Giveaway Ep. 2 – Block Prep

Our block is back from the machine shop and is ready to get prepped for assembly. We walk you through those initial steps before our rotating assembly can be installed. Make sure you enter to win this small block Ford here: Component PartnersWorld Products Man’OWar 351 blockCallies Performance Products  crank and rodsDiamond Pistons custom pistonsTotal Seal

Easy Cam Bearing Lubrication

If you’ve ever had to lubricate the cam bearings on a Cummins or Duramax engine, it can be quite the chore to reach those center cam bearings. Jeff McCord of LinCo Diesel Performance has an easy and nifty solution.

Join PERA for a Cam Bearing Webinar

Chuck Barnett will talk about all thing cam bearings. He’ll go from their standard cam bearings to high performance cam bearings, their “Save a Block and Save a Cam” series and new applications for pickup truck diesels.

Cam Bearing Selection and Installation

Replacing camshaft bearings during an engine rebuild is a no-brainer, but don’t take the process lightly. Simply knocking out the old bearings and installing fresh ones with little regard to bearing selection, sizing or alignment is a big mistake.

Chevy 3.1L Cam Bearing Bore Issues

Some of the later roller cam 3.1L blocks for the ’93-’94 Chevy VIN M are showing up with oversize cam bearing bores that appear to have been caused by spun cam bearings. If a new cam bearing is installed in a bore that has been damaged, it will spin in the block, cut off the