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Dream Engine Giveaway Ep. 4 – Bottom End Assembly

Now that Chris has checked all our specs, we begin to assemble the bottom end components of our small block Ford such as the rotating assembly, main and rod bearings and the camshaft. Next episode, we will be getting into our cylinder head assembly and more of the valvetrain components. Thanks to our Component PartnersWorld

Steve Gets Into the “Meat” of his SMX Engine Build

In this episode, Steve goes through finishes touches to the crank assembly, gets the camshaft situated, degrees the gear drive, talks about the engine’s oiling system, water plates to cover the water jackets, installs the oil pan, and more.

Camshaft Tech with COMP Cams’ Billy Godbold

We caught up with Billy Godbold to discuss all things camshaft, from common misconceptions to proper camshaft selection to firing order and much more.

COMP Cams FSL Series Camshafts for LS Engines

The COMP Cams FSL Series Camshafts for GM LS Engines claimed the 2017 SEMA Best New Street Performance Product Award and are the first in a new series of 50-state legal camshafts.

COMP Cams FSL Series Camshaft for GM L99 Engines

COMP Cams is introducing the first performance aftermarket camshaft in almost 20 years that is CARB E.O.-pending, offering drop-in convenience, with no valve spring change required, for Gen V (2010-’15) Camaro SS GM L99 engines.

GM LS Camshaft Sprocket & Phaser Installation Tips from Melling

In this Melling tech tip video, technical director George Richmond reviews the proper procedure for GM LS camshaft sprocket and phaser installation.

Melling Performance Camshaft/Spring Kits for GM LS

If you are working on high performance GM LS Engines – take a moment and watch this video featuring Melling’s Camshaft/Spring Kits.

Valve Timing Events and the Order of Importance

If you’ll recall, in the January issue, we got into the nitty gritty details of what makes a camshaft the “right” camshaft. In this issue, we’ll continue the education. Cam class is back in session!

Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft For Chrysler Gen 2 Hemi Engines

Edelbrock has a new Rollin’ Thunder camshaft for Chrysler 426-572 Hemi engines. Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder hydraulic roller camshafts are designed to improve horsepower and torque, produce a great sounding performance idle and provide sufficient vacuum.

Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft for EFI Systems

Edelbrock now offers a new Performer-Plus camshaft for use with throttle-body style Electronic Fuel Injection systems on a small-block Chevrolet. Edelbrock Performer-Plus camshafts feature profiles that deliver a major improvement in throttle response and torque from off-idle to 5,500 rpm.

Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft For Small-Block Chevrolet Engines

Edelbrock is now offering a new Rollin’ Thunder camshaft for small-block Chevrolet engines. Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder camshafts are designed to improve horsepower and torque, produce a great sounding performance idle and provide sufficient vacuum.

Choosing the Correct Camshaft for the Build

Choosing a particular type of camshaft for an engine build is an important decision that has to be made before any other parts are ordered or machined. Choosing a cam requires answering some basic questions, the most important of which is the engine application itself.