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Summit Racing Race Series Carburetors

This 750 cfm four-barrel carburetor is ideal for drag racing and street/strip applications.

Holley Ordered to Pay $2M in Carburetor Profits to Specialty Auto Parts

This judgment followed various legal disputes between Holley and Specialty (Proform) that started 24 years ago.

Get’M Performance All-In-One Blower Adapter

Features include built-in blower strap mounts, throttle linkage bracket, injector bung compatible and reduced overall height and weight.

IRD Racing “Rated R” Blow Through Custom Carburetor

IRD custom carburetors are made with the finest billet pieces to handle extreme boost.

blow through carburetor
IRD Racing K4 Series Custom Carburetors

From Mega Trucks, Super Cat Class Poker Run boats, to all out drag racing, this carburetor can handle whatever is thrown at it.

598 BBC Triple Carb Drag Engine

Despite countless other high-horsepower engines at the 2021 PRI Show, this 598 cid big block Chevy drag engine was a header turner. Built by M&M Race Cars & Competition Engines, Justin Melton walks us through some details of the build. Engine of the Week is brought to you by PennGrade1, Elring, Scat Crankshafts, NPW Companies

Are Carburetors Still Relevant in High-Performance Racing Engines?

Carburetors have been forced to evolve in order to remain relevant as engine builders continue to push the limits on horsepower. This has given rise to truly custom carburetors to compliment custom engines.

Are Carburetors Dead?

The carburetor market has evolved right along with the ever-changing technology that surrounds it, driven by the need to stay relevant and remain a viable option for those looking to win races.

Holley Classic Carburetors

The aluminum main body and fuel bowls will save weight and provide better heat dissipation.

Holley 500 CFM Marine Avenger Two-Barrel Carburetors

Holley has announced the release of 500 CFM Marine Avenger Two-Barrel Carburetors, which bring the performance and reliability of Holley’s Street Avenger carburetors to the water.

GET’M Garage Named Official Carburetor for Sunset Performance Engines

Sunset Performance Engines has chosen GET’M Garage as its official carburetor supplier. For an engine builder known for building serious high performance engines for serious racers, a partnership with a top-quality carburetor company known for delivering huge increases in power output and consistency only makes perfect sense.

Quick Fuel Technology NHRA-Approved SSR Carburetors

Quick Fuel Technology has introduced the latest additions to its already popular line of SSR carburetors. QFT has established a winning spec and build for every CFM for all the applications and combinations in competition, and now that race-proven success is available in an NHRA-legal ‘on the shelf’ carburetor.