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Component Cleanliness

It can’t be overstated how important the cleaning machines are in the modern engine shop. Shop owners who prioritize effective and efficient cleaning techniques will find success in a more streamlined process.

Graymills’ SuperSonic Liftkleen Parts Washer

Unlike standard spray cabinet washers, immersion cleaning exposes all surfaces of the part, including blind holes and small crevices, to the cleaning solution.

All Things Media Blasting

Engine building is a segment of the automotive industry that has always been ahead of the curve in media blasting, and no matter the engine shop, cleaning equipment is a common bond.

Giant Finishing’s Centrifugal Barrel Series Machines

Each barrel is loaded approximately 50-80% full of media, parts and water. During operation, rotation of the large turret creates a centrifugal force.

Ultrasonic Mobile Cleaning Units

Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime from even the smallest of crevices

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The technology remains an excellent cleaning option for machine shops and engine builders looking for cleaning equipment.

Engine Components: Getting a Good Clean

There are few things that can rejuvenate you like a good, hot shower. I can only imagine how awful it must have been a few hundred years ago having to bathe in stale, tepid water out of a small tub no less. And, you’d only do that maybe once a week! I’m certainly thankful I

ArmaKleen & Safety-Kleen Announce No Limits Parts Cleaning Roadshow

Attend their upcoming Parts Cleaning Roadshow on October 4th at Texas Motor Speedway to learn more about cleaning parts with environmentally responsible cleaners and parts cleaning equipment technology for a safer workplace.

Blast Off – What’s New in Blast Media and Machines

In this industry, it’s often cheaper to remanufacture or rebuild an engine than it is to make a new one. However, doing so requires cleaning worn and dirty parts. In addition, customers these days are increasingly asking for cleaner parts and engines. How are you supposed to get tough grease, oil, rust, paint, carbon build-up,


As engine technology continues to evolve, so have the cleaning processes for removing dirt, grease, oil, hard carbon deposits, rust, scale, corrosion and discoloration from engine castings and components. Several factors make cleaning more challenging today.

Cleaning Engine Parts: Can You? Should You?

Here’s the kicker – those shops who feel that proper cleaning is too difficult, too time consuming or too expensive are actually leaving money on table when it comes to their engine parts. “At one point in my career, cleaning seemed like it was really difficult,” says Dave Arce of Arce Enterprises, El Cajon, CA.