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CNC Update: Features and Automation

Precision is key when it comes to automotive parts; the complex designs of connecting rods, pistons and rings, blocks, cylinder heads, and other parts require super tight tolerances that are getting more and more difficult to be met by hand or with other machining processes outside of CNC.

Centroid A560 Port Block CNC Machine

Cecentroid_engine_builderntroid’s A560 Port Block CNC Machining Center can copy and cut CNC cylinder heads with its hands-off autonomous 5 axis CNC Digitizing. The unit can CNC-machine blocks to ­perfection.

Haas Automation Produce’s 150,000th CNC Machine

Haas Automation, Inc., has announce another major milestone in the company’s history as one of the world’s leading machine tool builders – the production and installation of the 150,000th Haas CNC machine. It was a mere seven years ago that Haas Automation celebrated the installation of its 75,000th CNC machine – a VF-3SS purchased by