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Romi VT Series Vertical CNC Lathes

This Romi CNC Lathe can handle up to 99 tons on chuck.

Romi CNC
Industry Veterans Form MEC CNC Machines

Anthony and Elle Usher, veterans of the engine machining industry, have formed MEC CNC Machines based in California. “Our goal is to bring precision engine machining equipment to a broad range of customers servicing internal combustion engines,” says Anthony Usher. “Our clients rely on versatile equipment for manufacturing, modifying and rebuilding engines and related components.

GROB Systems’ Second Gen G350 5-Axis Universal Machining Center

The machine’s unique axis arrangement permits upside down machining, offering almost limitless possibilities for part machining.

CNC Machines: The Haves vs. Have-Nots

Now more than ever, there’s a need for the precision and speed of a CNC in three-, four- and five-axis configurations as well as lathes.

Romi DCM 620-5X Hybrid Vertical Machining Center

The DCM 620-5X Hybrid is one of Romi’s complete line of hybrid manufacturing machine tools that combine traditional machining operations with 3D metallic additive manufacturing.

Engine Sealing Using Hoops and Receiver Grooves

When building engines beyond 2,000 horsepower, cylinder pressures can get intense, making the head gasket’s job of sealing the engine a tough one. To create better engine seal in these high-horsepower applications, engine builders such as Steve Morris of Steve Morris Engines, use hoops. In this Steve Tech, Steve walks you through how today’s hoops

Buying Machining Equipment

With the cost of some of these pieces of equipment equaling that of a house, it is crucial that engine builders and machine shop owners understand what options are available to them when looking to purchase new or used equipment.

Hone in on Honing

The key to honing is to get the rings to seal against the cylinder wall by making just enough valley depth.

CNC Machines Keep the $pindle Moving

CNC block machining centers and CNC cylinder hones are some of the most popular machines today. These machines can increase productivity in the shop significantly.

Romi GL Series Turning Center

The new machines are available in four models with maximum cutting diameters.

CNC Machine Centers

One curious fact that caught our eye in the latest Machine Shop Market Profile, published in June, was that 41% of readers – engine builders – don’t use a computer to run their shop. This begs the question: if you don’t use a computer for basic bookkeeping, are you using one for machining?

Black Friday Provides Machine Shops and Manufacturers Opportunity

During the Black Friday sales week, a Florida-based used CNC machine dealer is making sure that American machine shop owners and smaller manufacturers benefit as well. From 8 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 20 through 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, will host a unique virtual sale on select used CNC machines from Haas, Mazak, Samsung, Tsugami and more.