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Originally developed for top fuel drag racing engines, this may be used on any combustion chamber surface in any type of engine.

Engine Bearings: To Coat or Not to Coat?

When it comes to keeping your engine happy and operating well, engine bearings are a component that play a big role in that regard. They’re small and relatively inexpensive when compared to other engine parts, but if an engine bearing doesn’t do its job, the consequences can be many.

Coating For Performance

In today’s performance driven, engine building world, everyone wants to squeeze out another few horsepower, deliver more torque, create less friction, wear and heat, and ultimately, make the engine last longer. How do you all of that you ask? Parts coatings.

MAHLE Motorsport Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating for PowerPak Pistons

MAHLE Motorsport now offers a proprietary thermal barrier coating application for any PowerPak performance forged piston – gas or diesel. This ceramic-based thermal application greatly reduces heat transfer for improved performance.

Military-Spec Coatings

How thermal coatings can benefit multiple engine areas M ilitary coatings are exponentially better than commercial coatings. At my shop, Hekimian Racing Engines in Watertown, MA, we use what are known as Mil-Coats, proprietary coating combinations for engine components. These are not available through your commercial channels. Hekimian Racing Engines’ coatings are proprietary, and Mil-Coat

The Anatomy of Engine Parts Coatings

Coatings have been developed to improve performance, durability and reliability. Though once the exclusive trade secret of race engine parts suppliers and engine builders, today parts coatings are available for many different applications – and can even be applied in your own shop.

High Performance Engine Bearings

Building a high performance engine is always an adventure. You never know how much horsepower and torque an engine will make until it’s on the dyno. And you never know how well the engine will hold up until it is put to the test on the strip, race track, street or water. The bearings that

Join PERA for a Piston Coatings Webinar

This webinar will be presented by United Engine and Machine, manufacturer of Silvolite, KB Hypereutectic and ICON Forged pistons. Dave White, Scott Sulprizio and Ken Carter will catch you up on all the latest innovations and the benefits of coated pistons.

PERA’s First Webinar of 2016 to Feature New Coatings for Steel Compression Rings

Bill McKnight will present an all new webinar on OEM ring production designs and new coatings that have been developed and the processes used to apply them to the steel compression rings to reduce wear and resist heat. He’ll also cover materials in aftermarket replacement sets for late-model engines.

Calico’s New Website has a Robust “Coatings Search” Function

After three years of planning and development, Calico launched its new website, This robust new site is like nothing else in the coatings market, allowing engineers and manufacturers of high performance components the ability to choose specifications that accurately pinpoint the right coating solution(s). Modeled after major retail sites such as Target and others, this

Scratching the Surface: Coatings and Treatments for Engine Components

When it comes to preserving performance parts, it’s the ‘Icing on the Cake’   Various kinds of coatings and surface treatments can be applied to engine parts like icing on the cake to improve durability, enhance scuff resistance and lubrication, control heat, boost thermal efficiency and reduce friction. No single coating or surface treatment can