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CP-Carrillo Pistons and Rods for VW/Audi

This piston and rod combination is designed as a perfect fit and meant to withstand large boost levels.

K1 Toyota Supra / BMW B58 Connecting Rods

Forged from 4340 steel and machined within precise tolerances, these connecting rods for the B58 boast a winning combination of features.

4 Piston Racing to Exclusively Distribute Saenz Connecting Rods

4 Piston is now the exclusive distributor of Saenz Performance sport compact rods in the USA.

Tomei Nissan Forged Connecting Rods

Tomei has announced their forged H-beam connecting rod set for the Nissan VR38DETT engine.

Carrillo Forged Pistons and Connecting Rods for Ford 7.3L Godzilla

These pistons are forged from 2618T aluminum alloy and machined on dedicated CNC machine cells to tight tolerances. 2618 aluminum has a lower silicon content than other alloys. That makes the pistons stronger and more ductile—perfect for high-load, high-stress applications like superchargers, turbochargers, or nitrous oxide.  Other features include:• Rated to handle up to 1,500

PBM Rotating Assemblies

PBM rotating assemblies have a proven reputation of quality, durability and performance.

CP-Carrillo Bullet Big Block Chevy Connecting Rods

Available off the shelf in 6.385″, 6.535″, 6.700″, 6.750″ and 6.800″ center-to-center lengths with standard BBC dimensions.

Dyer’s Custom Connecting Rods

Dyers custom connecting rods are available upon request for any application you’re looking for.

Manley Turbo Tuff Tri-Beam Rod For Lamborghini and Audi V10

Manley’s Turbo Tuff Tri-Beam rods are ideally suited to high-boost turbocharged and nitrous oxide assisted applications.

Why You Should Machine Your Connecting Rods

While products straight from the factory are typically in excellent condition and manufactured to certain specs, it’s always a good idea to double check all aspects to ensure a component is how you want it. MTI Racing recently noticed some taper on a set of rods, so they took the time to machine the pin

CP-Carrillo Titanium Connecting Rods

These rods are purpose-built and designed for endurance applications.

Dyers NL Series Connecting Rods

Dyers’ connecting rods are manufactured from 300M steel forgings. The NL Series is lighter than the current “L” Series rod, while maintaining strength.