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Cortec EcoLine ELP All-Purpose Lubricant

EcoLine ELP is a high-performance biodegradable soy-based lubricant and penetrant for general purpose use. It is formulated from natural seed oils and select additives that offer lubricity and performance superior to conventional lubricants.

Cortec Lubricant
Cortec VpCI-389 Temporary Coating

Cortec’s VpCI-389 is an environmentally friendly water-based, temporary coating that delivers exceptional multi-metal protection for outside and indoor applications. This contemporary coating is an advanced, safe replacement for hazardous oil-based products.

Cortec EcoAir

Cortec has introduced a major step forward in the spray can technology – EcoAir – complete line of unique, compressed air powered, water-based spray can products. Fast acting, economical, dependable and safe to handle, EcoAir is environmentally safe corrosion protection technology that eliminates waste disposal costs.