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CP-Carrillo Kawasaki Teryx KRX1000 Pistons and Rods

All piston kits include rings, wrist pins and locks, and all rods are supplied with CARR fasteners for maximum reliability and clamping force.

Pistons in 2020

If you’ve got an engine, you want to make more horsepower, and these days, everybody’s got four-digit power levels in mind. Better pistons are one of the key components in being able to achieve those numbers.

CP-Carrillo Acquires Arias Pistons Brand

CP-Carrillo, Inc. and Arias Industries recently announced that CP-Carrillo will acquire the Arias Pistons brand name and trademark, and relocate its piston production to CP-Carrillo’s main manufacturing facility in Irvine, CA.

CP-Carrillo – PRI 2016

Bryce Mulvery, domestic sales manager with CP-Carrillo, talks about what’s new this year for the diesel market.

CP-Carrillo 4.6 Ford Modular Bullet Rods

CP-Carrillo has introduced 4.6 Ford Modular Bullet rods. These connecting rods include the advanced features and improvements that CP-Carrillo has developed through rigorous testing and R&D.

CP-Carrillo Mold Making Kits

CP-Carrillo is now offering its customers the convenience of purchasing a “Mold Making kit” directly from the company. Competitively priced, this kit contains everything one would need to make a good mold.

CP-Carrillo High-Performance X-Style Pistons for Power Adder Engines

CP-Carrillo is introducing a new X-Style series of pistons for power-adder engines. These pistons include several advanced features including the ability to run narrower rods and shorter pins, often resulting in reduced weight for most applications.

CP-Carrillo Bullet Rods

As the global economic climate continues to change, CP-Carrillo has announced a new product division to stay current as the industry shifts to new directions. The Bullet series of pistons and rods will be the flagship for this new venture. Now in stock are CP-Carrillo Bullet Rods for Small Block Chevy and LS series engines.