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Balancing, A State of Equilibrium

The balance of a rotating assembly is critical in every aspect and for every engine.

Tomei Forged Billet Crankshaft for VR38DETT

Tomei is featuring its forged billet 5-counterweight crankshaft for Nissan’s VR38DETT.

Crankshaft Counterweights

Most engines are internally balanced, meaning all weight adjustment is done on the crankshaft counterweights. However, some stock and modified engines require external balancing due to an increased stroke or larger pistons, and the crankshaft counterweights that would be required to offset the increased inertia simply don’t fit inside the crankcase.

Dart Fully Counterweighted LS Crankshaft

Precision CNC-machined from premium 4340 steel billets, the design incorporates heavy-duty rod cheeks and the LS1/LS6 short snout.

Crank Balancing Update

If there’s anything all of us in this industry have come to understand, it’s that you can never be certain someone else did the job correctly – and when it comes to crankshafts and crank kits that you or a customer might purchase, it’s imperative to ensure a proper balance job was performed and not just trust that it was because it says so.

Reviewing Callies’ Ford Magnum Crankshaft

There’s no debating that Callies Performance Products manufactures a great crankshaft, among other engine components. We picked out a Callies Magnum Ford crank for our twin-supercharged small block Ford engine build, so we took the opportunity to review exactly what we got from Callies.

Dream Engine Giveaway Ep. 4 – Bottom End Assembly

Now that Chris has checked all our specs, we begin to assemble the bottom end components of our small block Ford such as the rotating assembly, main and rod bearings and the camshaft. Next episode, we will be getting into our cylinder head assembly and more of the valvetrain components. Thanks to our Component PartnersWorld

SCAT SBC 4340 Forged Superlight Crankshaft

SCAT’s Superlight Crankshafts are manufactured from non-twist, single plane 4340 forgings. These crankshafts have straight shot and chamfered oil holes; large radius on all journals; lightening holes in all rod journals; aero wing counterweights. They are bridged for increased strength as well as precision ground, heat treated and nitrided for superior wear resistance.

SCAT Crankshaft
Crankshaft Offering Update

Because of the variability of crankshafts that can be purchased and the way it influences the engine being built around it, the crankshaft market is always changing and evolving.

Moroso Crankshaft V-Belt Pulley

It is ideal for driving alternators and/or vacuum pumps at optimum speed.

Rotating Assemblies in 2020

Are you still buying your crank, rods and pistons separately? Why not bundle and save?

Quality Power 6.7L Cummins Crankshaft

Quality Power has announced its new 6.7L Cummins Crankshaft. The crankshaft is for industrial, truck and marine applications, weighs 140 lbs., and features a stroke/bore of 4.8818″/4.2122″-4.2130″.