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Dart Fully Counterweighted LS Crankshaft

Precision CNC-machined from premium 4340 steel billets, the design incorporates heavy-duty rod cheeks and the LS1/LS6 short snout.

Crank Balancing Update

If there’s anything all of us in this industry have come to understand, it’s that you can never be certain someone else did the job correctly – and when it comes to crankshafts and crank kits that you or a customer might purchase, it’s imperative to ensure a proper balance job was performed and not just trust that it was because it says so.

K1 Technologies Forged Steel Crankshafts

Forged from premium 4340 alloy with large fillet radii, the crankshafts are heat-treated using the Nitriding process that improves strength and stability.

Tomei Forged Billet Crankshaft for Nissan VR Engine

Tomei’s forged, billet, five-counterweight crankshaft for the VR38DETT Nissan engine.

Why You Should Magnaflux Your Engine Parts

The guys at MTI Racing were looking to put together a Nissan GT-R engine, but first they Magnafluxed the crank and rods, and it’s a good thing they did. To ensure parts can get reused and don’t have signs of stress and cracks, magnafluxing can save you from more expensive repairs down the road.

Intellectual Horsepower: All About Harmonic Dampers

Harmonic dampers are a component that seems simple on the outside, but there’s a lot more to dampers than you might think. Hear from the experts at Fluidampr.

Reviewing Callies’ Ford Magnum Crankshaft

There’s no debating that Callies Performance Products manufactures a great crankshaft, among other engine components. We picked out a Callies Magnum Ford crank for our twin-supercharged small block Ford engine build, so we took the opportunity to review exactly what we got from Callies.

PBM Rotating Assemblies

Hundreds of stroke and bore combinations are available, including custom assemblies.

The Story of Callies Performance Products

We recently got access to go inside Callies Performance Products‘ Fostoria, OH facility and speak with owner Rick Norton and his son Heath Norton, up close and personal. What we got was the story of how Callies came to be a leading manufacturer of engine components, and where the company is going next.

Dart Fully Counterweighted LS Crankshaft

The crank is precision CNC-machined from premium 4340 steel billets, and the design incorporates heavy-duty rod cheeks, as well as the LS1/LS6 short snout.

SCAT SBC 4340 Forged Superlight Crankshaft

SCAT’s Superlight Crankshafts are manufactured from non-twist, single plane 4340 forgings. These crankshafts have straight shot and chamfered oil holes; large radius on all journals; lightening holes in all rod journals; aero wing counterweights. They are bridged for increased strength as well as precision ground, heat treated and nitrided for superior wear resistance.

SCAT Crankshaft
SCAT Ford 460 Big Block Rotating Assemblies

SCAT’s rotating assemblies for the Ford 460 big block feature cast to forged crankshafts, I-beam to H-beam connecting rods and forged pistons.