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The Right Way to Measure Customer Satisfaction in Your Shop

Far too many shop owners don’t measure customer satisfaction in their shops. It’s not that they’re not interested in the results, it’s just that they’re not exactly sure how to do it. Unfortunately, the price they pay for not measuring their customer satisfaction is often staggering.

Valuable Perks To Keep Your Shop ‘Top Of Mind’

There’s no easy button you can hit to get your best current customers into the shop more often. But with the right tool, it’s possible to bring those great customers back to your shop more frequently. I’m talking about TOMA, or Top of Mind Awareness.

7 Tips On Delivering Extraordinary Service

Most shop owners will start pumping more money into their marketing campaigns when they are looking to increase their business. This can help bring new customers into your engine shop, which is certainly important, but the value of your new customers diminishes if you’re unable to keep them coming back. There will be no greater

‘Fine Tuning’ Your Work: Customer Service After the Build

Customer satisfaction is every bit as important as the quality of your work if you expect to be a successful engine builder. You see, even when you build your customer the perfect engine, your customer must be happy with how their engine performs or your business and reputation will suffer. Far too many good engine

If You Win the Argument, You Lose the Sale

The true test of a business’ customer service effort is not when things are going right but, rather, what is done when things go wrong. In the book “Buying Trances,” author Joe Vitale wrote about the principle of “agreement melts resistance” and how when working with resistant sales prospects, agreeing with them is a more