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Your Customer Did WHAT?!

A few weeks ago, I got into a conversation via social media with sprint car engine builder Steven Hogue. He was in Akron, IN and I was in Akron, OH, but thanks to Facebook, it was like we were sitting across from each other at our favorite local watering hole doing some bench racing. Despite what

Converting Digital Natives Into Loyal Customers

You may have noticed that your customers are starting to get younger. That’s because millennials — the generation born between 1980 and 2000 — have entered their prime spending years. These younger buyers will be spending that money on all sorts of things, including engine and performance needs, and you’ll need to understand how this new crop of consumers operates to capture their business.

Valuable Perks To Keep Your Shop ‘Top Of Mind’

There’s no easy button you can hit to get your best current customers into the shop more often. But with the right tool, it’s possible to bring those great customers back to your shop more frequently. I’m talking about TOMA, or Top of Mind Awareness.

Winning With Your Own Engines

As a tech official at RT 66 Drag Strip in Joliet, Ill., since 2004, I have had the opportunity to see hundreds of bracket racing engine combinations. As a bracket racer myself early in my drag racing career I’ve been able to build my own. I’ve had unique opportunities to learn how to build winners that can translate into dollars off the track as well.

Earning the Continued Trust of Your Internal Customers

Since it’s ­becoming increasingly difficult to find and hire the superstars, I would like to use this article to help you continue earning the trust of your employees. From my point of view, this debate is like having two children and being asked which one we love the most, because both your customers and your employees are equally important.

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Your Business

As a business owner, feedback is generally accepted as a way to make improvements to your shop or services, and is even a helpful method to short-term and long-term business decisions. For most shop owners, customer feedback is often immediate, allowing you to act upon it quickly. Feedback. We all seem to get it —

Customers Will Remember Your Name With These Business Card Tips

With a great business card, people will remember your name and you company. recently had a great post on 50 Killer Business Cards That Put Yours to Shame. The post has lots of examples of great business cards.  It’s a must-read for anyone with a boring business card. Here are some business card design