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The Importance of a Good Valve Job

The valve job ensures the mating surfaces of the valves and the seats properly control the air/fuel mixture.

Silver Seal Products’ Magnum 45 Valve Seat Wheels

An excellent wheel to use on diesel engine tractors and trucks.

Machining a Cylinder Head for Valve Seats – Part 1

Steve Morris Engines recently finished machining a new SMX cylinder head, and now it’s time to machine in new valve seats. Watch as Steve walks through the whole process of cutting a new seat and fitting it into the head!

What Happens When Dry Ice and a Valve Seat Combine?

Steve Morris Engines recently shared a video cutting a brand new SMX cylinder head for valve seats, and he shrunk them for an easier fit using dry ice. Watch what happens!

Goodson Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutter Blades

The Saber Tooth Valve Seat Cutter Blade is manufactured from a special alloy to make cutting hard or multi-alloy valve seat materials easier.

Cutting Tools and Abrasives for Engine Work

When it comes to machining late model engines, tolerances are generally much tighter and finishes often have to be much smoother to meet original equipment specifications. If you’re doing performance work, there’s even less margin for error. Consequently, you need up-to-date equipment and tooling that can hold close tolerances and deliver high quality finishes while